Ukrainian Soldier Cannibalizes Comrade Mistaken for Russian Fighter — Says “I am Now Officially a Cannibal”

A member of the Azov Battalion fighting for the Ukrainian military has recorded himself taking parts of a dead body from a burning tank, cooking it, and eating it.

It has been reported the soldier believed the body was that of an enemy Russian fighter. Though, after expert examination of the wreckage, it is now believed that the body was that of a Ukrainian.

The video below is hosted on youtube and will soon be taken down. Subtitles are provided and detail the dialogue of the incident.

The video is also posted here on Twitter

Another link posted here on youtube

The Ukrainian military unit known as the “Azov Battalion” has come under much scrutiny in the west, even as NATO and U.S. support continues to flow into Ukraine’s borders.

Below is a short list of articles that will help you understand who the Azov Battalion are:

  1. Are Cannibals
  2. Friendly to Transgender Journalists
  3. Use Children as Human Shields
  4. Crucify their Enemies
  5. Affiliated with Charlottesville
  6. High on Super-Meth Combat Drugs
  7. Have Sexual Relations With Transgenders
  8. Actual Satanists
  9. Burn Christian Icons (Anti-Christ)
  10. Commit Torture on their Enemies
  11. The President of Ukraine is Homosexual
  12. Helped Directly by U.S. Mercenaries
  13. Helped by George Soros

These are only a few of the things representative of the Ukrainian military unit. We can now add cannibal to the list.

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