Republicans Side With George Soros, CNN & Democrats In Russia-Ukraine Conflict

This is how you know something just isn’t adding up

While our southern border is overrun with illegal crossings, and while our economy is failing, politicians across the aisle have come together to ignore our own internal problems and focus on international conflict in a country most Americans couldn’t point to on a map.

Republicans have taken the side of George Soros, the media, and Democrats in the Ukrainian-Russia conflict. Bipartisan support for war is the only thing our leaders will ever agree on.

Read what George Soros has to say about the Ukrainian conflict, and how his words follow directly those of the Republican party.

Dan Crenshaw, who is known for being pro-war and for being against the constitution, follows the lead of George Soros, even going so far as to spread fake propaganda regarding the Ukrainian conflict.

When George Soros, CNN, and prominent Republicans all echo similar positions in an international conflict, you know something is not right.

War, whether it be in the Middle East, in South America, or in Ukraine, is the only thing our leaders will ever agree on.

Maybe the U.S. will send another 10 Billion in aid to the neo-nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

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