An Idaho Mayor Called for Gun Control After Shooting — Local Residents Not Happy

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean recently called for “common sense” gun laws after a mass shooting took place at an elementary school in Texas.

By “common sense” she means punishing law-abiding citizens for the crimes of mentally ill, socially dislocated products of broken families, which the shooter allegedly was.

Democrats, who have spent millions of dollars defunding the police, letting violent felons out of prison, as well as institutionalizing and celebrating mental illness, are now attempting to punish law-abiding conservatives for the crimes of a sickening and frankly, weird individual.

If Democrats cared about gun violence, they would talk about black crime and the exponential increase in homicide following the 2020 George Floyd riots. They don’t because they’re afraid of being called ‘racist.’

If they cared about the lives of children, they would be against murdering innocent children in the womb and indoctrinating them in school and through social media. If Democrats cared about protecting their communities, they wouldn’t have pushed the false ‘Black Lives Matter’ narrative, which caused record police retirements and transfers.

Instead, the party of masks, forced vaccinations, and cutting children’s genitals off is calling for “common sense” gun confiscation.

Good luck, Democrats!

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