Russia: Putin Holds MASSIVE Patriotic Trump-Style Rally Exposing Western Media Lies

Russians have officially declared their full support for Russian President Vladimir Putin after hosting MASSIVE rally exposing western media lies. The last time Americans saw rallies this big was when Donald Trump was in office.

“We have not had unity like this in a long time,” says Vladimir Putin to a roar of cheers from the packed stadium. He continues, saying “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

Joe Biden has never pulled a crowd this size, nor has any Democrat since Barack Obama. This could be why American progressives and neocons are claiming Putin paid the entire crowd to attend, saying “there is no way a non-democracy could be this united for their evil dictator.”

Vladimir Putin has spoken at length explaining the situation in Ukraine, and what he perceives to be motivating the west in their aggressive stance against Russia. While western nations sanction Russia and call for a NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has repeated, endlessly of the consequences such actions would demand.

The difference between joe Biden and Vladimir Putin is Putin didn’t need to cheat to become president of Russia, which is evident from the millions of Russians who publically amassed in support of their president and his efforts in Ukraine.

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