BREAKING: January 6 Participant, Baked Alaska, Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail

Prosecutors in Arizona spent the afternoon replaying live-stream footage from Trump supporter Baked Alaska’s experience inside the United States Capitol, after which, the notorious internet Troll, successful rapper, and live-stream icon, Baked Alaska, was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Just as the sentencing came down, referring to a previous offer from the defense, a muffled “I’ll gladly do it.” echoed through the courtroom from Baked Alaska, in response to the judge. The comment was referring to an offer where Baked Alaska elected to pepper spray himself on television, in place of jail time.

The sentencing comes in response to an incident involving a nightclub bouncer who engaged in a physical altercation with the live-streamer, who was then maced in response.

This comes days after Baked Alaska narrowly escaped an attempted bombing by an Antifa ‘sleeper cell’ who was arrested carrying pipe bombs and a helmet painted with Antifa symbols outside a Florida January 6 freedom rally.

Baked Alaska has asked his supporters to help him with his charges relating to the January 6 protest at the United States Capitol. You can donate to his legal fund here:

Here are some of Baked Alaska’s music videos:

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