Democrats Call for “Satanic Schools” Following Supreme Court Decision on Education Funding

The Democrats are out of control

Following a Supreme Court decision, school choice families will now be able to take their children’s taxpayer-funded education dollars to religious private schools, something they were previously unable to do.

In response to the ruling which gives parents more freedom in the education of their children, Democrats have gone into overdrive, calling for “schools of Satan” to be established, and for tax-payer dollars to foot the bill.

These tweets go on and on and on.

Modern-day liberal atheists are defacto Satanists, which means they do believe in God, they’re just diametrically opposed to God, which lands them in the same camp as the Satanists, who do not want their tax dollars going to Christian schools.

The United States of America granted the Satanic Temple the status of a legally recognized religious organization, a move that would give the Satanic Temple the right to inject itself into the legal fight against the church, on behalf of the state.

For instance, while Democrats are totally against taxpayer dollars funding Christian education, they use the Satanic temple as a bludgeon against Christians who are in favor of the ruling, to discourage tax dollars from going anywhere other than public schools — public schools which are already on board with satanic teaching.

And while public schools have already deployed satanic curriculum, the church of Satan admits they simply “don’t want tax-funded religious schools.” Therefore, admitting that they themselves are only a tool of the state, and are content with the status quo.

for instance, while conservative states continue to restrict access to abortion, The Satanic Temple will bring the issue to court, arguing that abortion is a Satanic “religious ritual” — rendering any restrictions on the act a direct attack on their religious liberty. Exploiting the constitution, using their status as a religious organization as a bludgeon against Christianity.

Similarly, while invocations before city hall meetings generally involve Christian prayer, Satanists will fill in the slots, and deliver “satanic prayer” before city meetings. This will generally be followed up by public outcry, and city councils will remove invocations altogether, thus giving the Satanists (and the state) exactly what they wanted: the removal of Christianity from the government.

Democrats are defacto Satanists, and most of them are completely unaware that their way of life directly aligns with the 7 core tenants of the Satanic Temple,

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