Satanic Statues Recovered From Russian Missile Strike in Ukraine — Russia Claims U.S. Mercenaries Fighting in Ukraine “Worship the Devil”

Russian news sources have claimed to have uncovered “Satanists from the ‘Forward Observation Group,'” — an alleged U.S. mercenary unit comprised of former military and special operations currently in Ukraine — stating that members of the group “worship the devil in the truest sense of the word.”

These allegations come as recent video from the front lines of the Ukraine conflict shows Russian military forces uncovering what appears to be satanic statues with the face of baphomet, and cult-like paganistic figurines.

The video purports to show the Russian military uncovering satanic artifacts from a bombed Ukrainian military barracks that allegedly housed U.S. mercenaries belonging to the “forward observation group”

A Telegram account documenting the Russia Ukraine conflict has reported American mercenaries belonging to the “Forward Observation Group” were killed in a missile strike outside of Kiev.

The satanic material pulled from the rubble resembles the “Forward Observation Group” insignia — an image of what appears to be baphomet.

While it is no secret many Americans have gone to Ukraine to fight alongside the neo-nazi Azov Battalion, the allegations of satanism bring a new twist to the already convoluted conflict, as Western propaganda efforts intensify — and as shipments of military equipment and billions of U.S. dollars increases by the day.

The Ukrainian military is full of anti-Christian neo-nazis who have been documented destroying Christian artifacts, crucifying a man alive, and hoarding satanic iconography — using training and equipment supplied by the U.S. government.
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