Democrats Have Become the Party of War — War Against Russia, China, and Their Fellow Citizens

From NATO to Antifa, Liberals March in Lock-Step to the Drums of WAR

While Democrats push for an all-out war against Russia and China, liberals within the U.S. and abroad continue to call for the arrest, imprisonment, and even death of their political foes both foreign and domestic.

If you are against war with Russia, you are now to be considered an enemy of the state, a label that, during times of war, could land you in federal prison.

To put it short, NATO is openly instigating conflict with Russia by strongly encouraging Ukraine to join their mutual defense agreement. This would be the military equivalent of Russia joining a military agreement with Mexico and then deploying nuclear-capable inter-inter-continental ballistic missiles to the border of the United States.

President Donald Trump did not start a war during his time in office, nor did Russia invade another country during the Trump Presidency. Russia, however, took Crimea during the Obama presidency, an event which even the brightest Democrats will omit from their Twitter pages over the coming weeks.

In fact, Democrats were instigating tension between the U.S. and Russia for the entirety of the Trump Presidency, unsuccessfully claiming Russia had somehow “stolen the 2016 election.”

The United States and their allies have even been arming pagan neo-nazi militias in the region for years. The Azov Battalion, with funding and weaponry supplied from NATO countries, crucified a Russian separatist, before setting the man on fire.

While U.S. and NATO-allied countries continue to carry on with their pro-war provocations against Russia and China, their domestic policy towards their own citizens continues to degrade, as dissidents are hunted and imprisoned, protestors are viciously beaten, bank accounts of those who resist COVID restrictions are seized, and their entire populations subjected to unprecedented censorship and unpersoning.

Western liberal Democracy is an extreme and out of control ideology that not only threatens the lives of those unfortunate enough to be living within the confines of its own borders, but also any country that remains rooted in history, religion, and science.

The entire world is now at war with an ideology so foreign to human nature, it seeks not only to annihilate its enemies, but also itself. Liberal Democracy has failed the American people, Europe, and the entire west, and now it will attempt to take the rest of the world down with it.

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