Protesters in Columbus, Ohio Call for Violence Against the Police

This week has only gotten crazier. On April 20, 2021, a Minnesota jury decided to convict police officer Derek Chavuin for murdering George Floyd. The radical Left cheered in what turned out to be a highly politicized trial where mob rule and intimidation produced a politically-contrived result.

Like sharks during a feeding frenzy, the Left was not fully satiated by this decision. In fact, shortly after the Chauvin verdict, police in Columbus, Ohio shot and killed a 15-year-old girl armed with a knife, a whole new set of drama kicked off. The teen in question, Makiyah Bryant, attacked another individual with a knife, which provoked a firm response from law enforcement.

The incident drew a crowd of angry agitators. One of the protesters called for vengeance and yelled, “You shoot us, we shoot you,” according to the Columbus Dispatch report.

Another video on Twitter, shows an unhinged man calling for “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,” as a response to the police shooting.

“We’re not going to just sit here … while you shoot and kill us and go back in the suburbs,”  he yelled. “Maybe it needs to be an eye for an eye. They shoot us, we shoot them.”

He added, “You shoot us, we shoot you.”

The protesters swarmed the area after a Columbus police officer allegedly shot and killed a 15-year-old girl. Witnesses claim that the girl drew out knife because someone “tried to jump her.”

“We don’t get to celebrate nothing,” K.C. Taynor said in front of the protesters in Columbus. “In the end, you know what, you can’t be Black.”

It’s undeniable that a large portion of the American population has been culturally radicalized. America has reached a turning point where its founding stock is constantly demonized and basic customs of decency have been discarded.

The Right cannot play nice with the radical Left that’s spreading like a virus across our nation. In the meantime, we must regroup, build families, get strong and healthy, and build up local institutions.

Once we have all of our bases covered, we must wage a counteroffensive against the Left. The days of cohabiting with these radicals are over.

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