Ukraine President Seen Dancing in Homosexual Video Online — Zelensky ‘Western Values’ on Full Display

Western Values ain’t what they used to be

When you hear the term ‘western values’ you might think of cowboy hats, Marlboro Red Cigarettes, and Ford Trucks — but the times have changed, and the term ‘western values’ today means something totally alien to what they meant 20 years ago.

Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, was recently uncovered to have been featured in a homosexual dance routine posted online. In the video, the president can be seen dancing in high-heels, leather skin-tight pants, and what appears to be some sort of bra.

See below:

This true image comes in stark contrast to the image presented by western media, which has been portraying the president as a front-line fighter, in the trenches of Ukraine, single-handedly repelling Russian forces at the end of a Kalashnikov.

The propaganda coming out of western media outlets has hit post-9/11 levels of intensity, with seemingly no end in sight.

The west, which has instigated the conflict in Ukraine, starting in 2014 with the Ukrainian revolution, has continued pushing for the region to take up arms against Russia, going so far as to suggest the country should join NATO — a red line for Putin.

Furthermore, the west has trained, funded, and armed extremist neo-nazi groups in the region since 2014. Groups like the Azov Battalion, which have received much of the western aid entering the region, have brutally executed Russian sympathizers, even crucifying a man before setting him on fire.

The United States has gone full steam ahead with Ukraine, going so far as to suggest, through FOX news, that the President of Russia should be ‘assassinated.’

The so-called western values as seen above are not going to animate the conservative base to go and fight in a country halfway across the world. Expect the U.S. to intensify media coverage over the coming days, they are up to something truly sinister.

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