A New Meth-Like ‘Combat Drug’ is Fueling The Neo-Nazis Fighting for Ukraine, Creating ‘Zombie Soldiers’ Who Do Not Fear Death

Meth-Fueled Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

Captagon is a drug that first came to prominence during the Islamic State’s terror wave throughout the middle east. Since 2014, the drug reportedly reemerged within Ukraine, fueling neo-nazi terrorists who have used the meth-like substance on the battlefield to overcome the fear of death, becoming what some people call “zombie soldiers.”

The Donetsk People Republic (DPR) recently uncovered drug laboratories where ‘combat drugs’ have reportedly been developed in the village of Sopino near Mariupol, and administered to the Azov Battalion. Sputnik reported.

“You start taking him somewhere, and they’re laughing. They don’t feel anything, no pain or anything. They’re like zombies.” describes a Donbas soldier.

A DPR soldier alleged that the drugs, which are a combination of Captagon, as well as other amphetamines, cause “stupidity and courage” among the Ukrainian neo-nazis who are said to lose all fear of death when taking the substance.

Some of the neo-nazis who were high on the drug, admitted to killing fellow Ukrainian citizens, saying “I understood that I was shooting at civilians, but I was high on drugs, I was following orders”

Captagon, before being banned throughout the western world, was first manufactured in 1961 as an alternative to amphetamine and methamphetamine—used at the time to treat narcolepsy, fatigue, and the behavioral disorder “minimal brain dysfunction.”

Since, the illegal manufacturing of the substance exploded throughout eastern Europe and the Middle East, and is said to have fueled ISIS throughout their terror campaign across the middle east.

The ‘Combat Drug’ has since become a staple for the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, who is said to manufacture the substance and administer it to combatants who then are said to stay up for days without fatigue.

The Azov soldiers have gone through Ukraine, torturing, beating, and killing Ukrainian civilians. It has been reported that the Ukrainian soldiers have killed their own, indiscriminately, while laughing and cheering.

Large shipments of the drug have poured into Ukraine since before the war erupted, adding validity to reports the Ukrainian military has used the substance on the battlefield.

References of the drug having been provided by NATO forces to Ukrainian resistance fighters go back to 2014, though, all sources have been deleted and are now untraceable.

While the west continues to fuel the war in Ukraine with billions in aid, military equipment, and training, the local terrorists continue their torture of the local population, using women and children as human shields, while high on meth.

These paganistic, neo-nazi extremists are completely fueled by western aid and drugs, while regime propagandists ensure the western population supports the complete and total destruction of Ukraine at the hands of a former comedian turned cartel leader, Zelensky.

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