VIDEO: Ukrainian Military Arrests Own Commander Suspected of Meeting With Russian Spy — The Alleged Spy Was a Transgender Prostitute

The Situation in Ukraine is Getting Out of Hand

Ukrainian colonel Andrei Kislovsky, deputy of the Odesa city council, and leader of local territorial defense, was allegedly arrested by Ukrainian forces last week while sleeping with a transgender prostitute.

It is being reported that Ukrainian officers suspected Kislovsky was meeting with a Russian spy, though, upon further examination, the discrepancies in identifying his acquaintance were merely because she, was in fact, a he.

The transvestite, going by the name “Jasmine”, refused to comment regarding who he was meeting with when the illegal underground brothel was raided by authorities.

The Ukrainian military is completely funded by the United States and NATO. Naturally, as with political lobbying from arms dealers, the Ukrainian military is acting on behalf of NATO and the U.S.

The extremist wing of the Ukrainian military, The Azov Battalion, has been widely reported to be neo-nazis, in the proper sense of the term. They are pagan, satanic, anti-Christian Hitlerists.

When their military depots are bombed, they leave behind occult, paganistic paraphernalia and satanic statues in the rubble.

They have recorded themselves crucifying men alive, looting Christian iconography from homes, and burning it in the streets, all on the United States taxpayer’s dollar.

Now, they’re recording themselves having sex with transgender prostitutes.

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