Transgender Journalist in Ukraine Aiding Azov Battalion on the Front Lines — Celebrates Rumored Death of Gonzalo Lira

The Tranny of Truskavets

A man dressed up like a woman who goes by the name “Sarah Ashton-Cirillo” is sleeping with Azov Battalion in Ukraine on the front lines of war.

The individual has celebrated the alleged capture and death of American-Chilean Journalist, Gonzalo Lira, while threatening another on the ground reporter with “you’re next.”

The transgender journalist claims that the neo-nazi Azov Battalion is “fine” with him, adding he has “5 Ukrainian men on record” alleging the Azov are not neo-nazis.

The transgender journalist in Ukraine posts a video of Israeli flags flying in downtown Kharkiv as evidence to suggest Azov Battalion is not a neo-nazi militia.

If you haven’t noticed, the man pretending to be a woman on the front lines of the conflict in Ukraine is actually just a man wearing makeup, forcing his voice to come out in a higher pitch.

Azov Battalion is apparently very welcoming to the transgender community, which is exactly what you would expect from a paganistic neo-nazi militia that promotes satanism and anti-Christian sentiment.

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