Chinese Media Calls Out American Woke Culture — Mocks George Floyd on Twitter

The Chinese did nothing wong

Prolific Chinese Twitter troll, Liijian Zhao, has taken to social media to once again mock Americans for their crippling culture of racial sensitivities while posting images of George Floyd.

The below post gained much attention from U.S. liberals who did not understand they were being directly mocked.

Lijian is simply doing what every news broadcaster and politician has done for the past 7 years, stoking racial animosity and hatred of the police.

Lijian then posts an animated video articulating the U.S. government’s hypocritical stance on China’s Human Rights track record, which accurately paints the U.S. as an instigator both domestically and internationally.

“You can never wake up those who pretend to be asleep.”

The statement, “You can never wake up those who pretend to be asleep.” directly applies to the U.S. government and its media accomplices.

You might be able to convince a stranger of various ideas based on using a coherent train of facts-based logic, while you will never have such success with an individual whose job it is to lie about said arguments.

For instance, George Floyd had multiple violent felonies, was a drug addict, was a porn star, and was arrested for repeatedly using counterfeit bills, before overdosing while in the custody of the police.

These are facts the media knowingly withheld from the American public to coerce millions of clueless liberals into rioting their way into the voting booths, motivated by the made-up conspiracy of institutional racial hatred.

These lies resulted in dozens of deaths and tens of billions of dollars worth of property damage throughout the United States of America.

What’s interesting about Lijian, is he sounds almost identical to your average American liberal —calling for Americans to disarm themselves, while also instigating police reform.

The Chinese don’t care about astroturfed racial animosity in the U.S. for any reason other than the fact it weakens social cohesion and contributes to the decay of our society.

The United States of America is falling apart, and China seems to be the only one taking notice.

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