CERN to Restart on July 5 — ‘Satanic’ Particle Accelerator to Run at Maximum Speed in Search of “God Particle”

The world’s largest particle accelerator is set to restart on July 5 and operate at max capacity, reigniting questions and concerns as to what exactly the secretive science facility is designed to do.

The name CERN is believed to derive from the Celtic pagan god Cernunnos. The Celtic root of Cernunnos is believed to translate to “the Horned Ones” — or, in modern Neopaganism beliefs, Cernunnos represents wiccan gods.

Similarly, displayed on location just outside of the main building at the CERN facilities in Switzerland is a permanent installation of the pagan god ‘Shiva’ — Shiva is known as “The Destroyer of Worlds”

In 2016, a video emerged of what appears to be a satanic occult sacrifice in front of the statue of Shiva on the grounds of the CERN facility.

The video drew international outrage, sparking alternative theories as to what exactly is going on at the secretive scientific facility in Switzerland.

Ultimately, the footage was officially deemed a “prank” by scientists affiliated with the CERN project.

Strangely enough, CERN has an entire art department, where liberal artists from around the world converge to create national spectacles as seen during the opening ceremony of the large hadron collider where workers were depicted opening a gate to what is thought to be hell.

Scientists with CERN declared their discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, more popularly known as the ‘God particle.’

The conversation surrounding CERN is ultimately overwhelmed by its well-funded arts department and a large budget for media. It is believed the art department for CERN is designed to generate interest in the sciences while redirecting inquiry away from the science of CERN and more toward the hypothesized theological issues surrounding the project.

The question remains: Why does a scientific research facility have such a large budget for and focus so much on art performances?

Every employee of CERN, whether they’re a scientist or artist, assumes a nihilistic worldview, ultimately conforming to the idea that human beings are in total control of the universe.

One pair of scientists working at CERN have dedicated their lives to measuring the color of the sky, and calculating the ‘human impact’ on its hue.

‘In the Middle Ages, we believed in the place of God in heaven. Today, we have to admit that we have a part in shaping the sky. Like all the changes occurring because of climate change, it scares us. At the same time, we have no choice but to take responsibility for what we do.’

Ultimately, it would appear that scientists with CERN are more concerned with the theological aspects of discovering ‘The God Particle’ than theologians themselves, and have held multiple forums on developing a ‘common language’ between Christians and scientists surrounding the discrepancies of the theory of ‘the big bang.”

Nonetheless, CERN is set to restart its operations at maximum capacity on July 5th.

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