Soulja Boy Plays GTA Online With Nick Fuentes’ America First — says “Hell No” to COVID Vaccine

Famous rapper and millionaire, Soulja Boy, streamed himself playing video games with Nick Fuentes’ America First on Cozy.Tv — Nick Fuentes said Soulja Boy was a “good friend of America First” after the streamers had finished the game.

During the stream, Soulja Boy began chatting with Jaden McNeil and the other political streamers about the deadly COVID vaccine. When Soulja was asked if he had received it, he replied with a strong “hell no” before asking the others if they had received the jab. None of the streamers had received the deadly vaccine.

Before ending the stream, Soulja Boy wished one of the streamers a happy birthday, while the group played Grand Theft Auto.

While detractors continue to claim Nicholas J Fuentes and his America first movement is racist, not one of them has played GTA Online with a famous rapper, which would not only rule out the possibility of Nick Fuentes being racist but also elude to the very real possibility that his detractors are in fact racist.

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