Gettr CEO, Jason Miller, Welcomes & Verifies SLPC Journalist Previously Banned from Gab for ‘Doxxing’ & ‘Threats of Violence’

Jason Miller, the CEO of the self-proclaimed ‘free speech’ Twitter alternative, Gettr, personally welcomed SPLC journalists to his platform, one of which who was previously banned from Gab for breaking website policy of posting ‘threats of violence’ and ‘doxxing.’

This comes just days after the social media website was the subject of controversy after banning many popular conservatives from the platform.

In an interview on the subject, the founder of Gab, Andrew Torba, told VDARE that SPLC Journalist, Michael Hayden, “was banned a few years ago for repeatedly breaking our terms of service with regards to threats of violence and doxxing. Mr. Hayden would regularly post private and personal information of other users on Gab without their consent,”

The SPLC has championed deplatforming of conservatives in the past, finding themselves in good company at Gettr, who does not shy away from the practice.

Immediately after his warm welcome on Gettr, the SPLC journalist began taunting various conservatives who have been banned from the website, while also saying “I run GETTR.”

“Is Nick Fuentes on here? I can’t find his handle.” The SPLC journalist asks while tagging Gettr staff.

Gettr is not a free speech platform for conservatives. Gettr, in its short lifespan, has proven to be a mirror of Twitter, with arbitrary free speech restrictions, enforced flippantly by a belligerent liberal staff.
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