Gettr Global Communications Director, Ebony Bowden, Anti-Trump / Pro-Obama Past Revealed

The new social media app, Gettr, touting itself as the ‘free speech’ alternative to Twitter has hired a global communications director with a long past of criticizing former President Donald J Trump, supporting Hillary Clinton as well as praising the liberal Barack Obama.

Ebony Bowden, who is the global communications director of Gettr, is not the sort of conservative Americans are looking for as they seek a platform offering the elusive ‘free speech’ they were promised in their constitution.

“Trump’s behavior at the G7 is genuinely frightening.” Bowden says, adding “we’ve long laughed at him but reading this coverage I can’t help but feel like the United States is careening toward disaster.”

Well into Donald Trump’s presidency, the Gettr Communications Director, Ebony Bowden, lamented the thought that Trump had won, saying she wants to “line in the alternate universe where she (Hillary Clinton) became president.”

A year after expressing her sorrow over Hillary Clinton’s defeat at the hands of Donald Trump, well into his presidency, in 2018, Bowden described meeting Hillary Clinton as a “life highlight.”

Before then, during the 2016 election, Bowden claimed she was “buying all of the merchandise” from Hillary Clinton’s online store.

Aside from Bowden’s anti-Trump past, she has spent time on Twitter quoting the ‘eloquent’ former Democrat president, Barack Obama, as well as complimenting the former president on his looks.

On top of her active Twitter page, Ebony Bowden spent much of her time writing for the New York Post, where she described former President Donald J Trump’s views on the 2020 election as “baseless” and “unfounded.”

Aside from her stint with the New York Post, Bowden took jabs at the former President, criticizing his marriage to Melania, saying “Is it any wonder she didn’t want to hold his hand?”

As Gettr continues to bill itself as the free speech alternative to Twitter, while simultaneously banning conservative talk show hosts from the platform, they hire questionable staff with a long past of liberal commentary.

It is safe to say Gettr is not the solution conservatives hoped it would be in a post-first amendment America.

UPDATE: Gettr CEO, Jason Miller, has had an extensive past of aggressively promoting the COVID vaccine online, as well as promoting lockdowns, travel restrictions and other COVID related restrictions.

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