Gettr CEO Promotes Face Masks in Public, Quarantines, Travel Restrictions to Stop COVID

Jason Miller, the CEO of Gettr, a self-proclaimed ‘free speech alternative’ to Twitter, has come under fire after it has been revealed that he posted an article promoting the aggressive headline of “wearing a mask must be a national policy” on his Twitter account.

Along with appearing to promote a nationwide mask policy, Jason Miller also promoted face masks in public, haunting international & domestic passenger travel, as well as quarantining New York City.

These revelations come after Covid Red Pills was reportedly banned from Gettr, the ‘free speech alternative’ to Twitter, after posting information about COVID on his Gettr page.

While Twitter bans any and all vaccine ‘misinformation’ regarding the experimental mRNA injections being pushed internationally, Gettr’s own CEO has a LONG HISTORY of promoting the vaccine, as well as calling out individuals who might question its effectiveness.

This isn’t the first time Gettr has come under scrutiny from conservative voices in recent weeks. Just this week, the International Communications Director, Ebony Bowden, was revealed to have been a fervent anti-Trump liberal who supported Hillary Clinton leading up to the election.

Jason Miller’s extensive cheerleading for the development and disbursement of the so-called COVID ‘vaccine’ is clearly displayed in his demeanor when speaking with vaccine skeptics. He is also wrong about Napoleon Dynamite, which was a good movie.

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