Prominent Black Conservative Banned From Gettr Over Using the N-Word

Black people are not allowed to say the N-word on Gettr

Jon Miller, a prominent conservative political pundit, has been banned from the self-proclaimed ‘free speech’ Twitter alternative, gettr, after allegedly using the N-word within his profile.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, a Gettr spokesperson said “Jon Miller was suspended from Gettr because he used the N-word in his profile. This is a clear violation of our terms of service,”

After Jon Miller was banned from Gettr, the now-infamous global communications director of Gettr, Ebony Bowden, who we’ve covered in previous articles, called Miller a ‘liar,’ reiterating the false claim that the platform defends freedom of speech.

“Miller responded to the Gettr official as any black man would, saying “a black man can’t even refer to his own people freely if it makes a patronizing white woman mad! We ADOPTED that word as a term of ENDEARMENT because of racist Democrats (slave owners) like you.”

Bowden, who is jewish, has also said she does ‘not GAF (give a fuck) about Christmas’ in an Instagram post, among other things too brash to post in this article.

Gettr, which was established as a ‘free speech’ alternative to Twitter, censors MORE speech than Twitter does, as the N-word is not banned on Twitter.

Jon Miller, who remains on Twitter, has joined Gab, which has proven itself to be the free-speech Twitter alternative Gettr claims itself to be.

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