CIA Forces ‘Dark Brandon’ Meme Celebrating Biden Losses as Wins — “The IRS is Coming for You”

Let’s take a look at these absolute banger memes coming out of the deep-state.

The CIA has begun tapping into their e-celeb ‘meme army’ to push a forced ‘dark Brandon’ meme onto the general public in hopes of making light of Joe Biden’s failures, and in some cases, rebranding the president’s failures as victories.

Drop those memes, guys!

This absolute banger of a meme has over 20K likes


Gasoline is now at $4.50 thanks to the work of Dark Brandon, thank you Brandon.

Populist Dems love memes and gimmicks, moderates/centrists love policy, and we ALL want progress. It’s been a great week.

Dark Brandon does not give a fuck.

This one forgot to change their avatar from the CIA logo.

Everyones favorite goernemnt agency, the IRS, is ready to go. Like the Orcs from Mordor, Brandon has been building an army stronr enough to wage war on middle earth.

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