“Over One Thousand Studies Show the Covid Vaccines Were the Cause of Death or Injury”

In a recent interview, Dr Peter McCullough states that there are over 1,000 studies that show the COVID vaccines have caused injuries, disabilities, or deaths.

“There are over 1,250 peer-reviewed publications on COVID-19 vaccine injuries, disabilities, and deaths. They have a lot of papers to read to catch up on this safety disaster.”

A day does not pass without news of yet another previously healthy, young individual collapsing inexplicably. From Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin to college student Lindsay Heck, many are hospitalized and dying suddenly. The Washington Post recently released an article claiming that while young people die seemingly without reason, it’s not from the Covid-19 vaccines. That is a conspiracy theory, hullabaloo. This is willfully erroneous damage control, for there is a considerable amount of data displaying the harm the vaccines are doing. However, the liberal media is fighting a losing battle of controlling the evidence, for even the CDC and the FDA have begun to investigate the Pfizer Vaccine.

There are over 1,250 peer-reviewed reports on the Covid-19 vaccines and the injuries and deaths they are causing, and yet no considerable mainstream investigation is taking place. Luckily, analyses are being provided worldwide and in the United States. In the medical journal “Jama,” it was reported that within 28 days of taking the Covid-19 vaccine, there were more than 7,750 strokes. These were the statistics in the Scandinavian countries; in the United States, the CDC admits that over 16,000 Americans have died within a few days of getting the vaccine.

Let’s not pretend the CDC is happy to admit the death toll. In fact, the CDC has a reporting system called V-safe, and they were not going to release the data until they were court-ordered to do so. When the data was released, it shocked the world with a statistic that 8% of people who take the vaccine are hospitalized. 25% of the hospitalized victims are medically damaged that day or some days after.

Its been reported that the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine creates a Catecholaminergic state beyond the baseline of what an individual should have. Deep in the body lies a powerful force, ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice. The catecholamines, a group of hormones that trigger the fight or flight response, surge through the veins, preparing the body for battle. The heart races, blood pressure rises, and your muscles tense, ready for action. But what happens when this response is triggered without cause? The uncontrolled and unchecked catecholamines wreak havoc on the body, leading to increased respiratory rate and even potentially deadly illnesses such as pheochromocytoma. This creates the worst of situations for athletes, who have been dropping like flies during moments of physical exertion.

When athletes with myocarditis feel a surge of adrenaline, a catecholamine, this could easily lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death. This was well established before the Covid-era. But now that athletes have mostly been vaxxed, this pattern of cardiac arrest amongst them is emerging. Healthy, vibrant young men and women, all cut down in their prime with no prior health diagnoses. As they push themselves to the limit during intense exercise, their heart races to keep up with the demand for oxygen-rich blood. Suddenly, an abnormal rhythm known as RE-entrant ventricular tachycardia takes hold, and the heart spirals out of control. The rapid, uncoordinated contractions can quickly degenerate into a deadly condition known as ventricular fibrillation, cutting off blood flow to vital organs and triggering a cardiac arrest.

Past vaccines have been pulled from the market for far fewer adverse effects, yet the Covid-19 vaccine is still massively available and championed by the mainstream media. They’ve heartily encouraged it, in cases, demanded it, and the people have taken it, often to their own demise. As the vaccines rolled out, families began to report deaths to Pfizer, and Pfizer did not release the 1,000 plus death that had been reported only after a few days. The FDA did not order Pfizer to take it off the market; it was a blatant coverup of mass murder the likes unseen in American history. The trust between citizens and the nation’s healthcare in western medicine has been irrevocably shattered.

A public health crisis is exploding, and it’s not the returning strains of an exhausted exalted flu. Blood clots, myocarditis, sudden cardiac death passing out spells, and side effects continue to grow.

While some surveys done in the past assume that 85% of those vaccinated are healthy, it does give a substantial 15% figure. This is too high of a number to be considered acceptable. Besides killing and harming its victims, the vaccines don’t work, and the vaccinated get Covid-19 again. The reaction to this is usually the more jabs, the better. Take NFL coach Bruce Arians for example. After multiple shots, he had myocarditis in the fall of 2022.

Pregnant women are also suffering from the vaccines. Dr. James Thorpe, an ObGyn Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist in Gulf Breeze, Florida, has released peer-reviewed articles showing a tenfold spike in adverse outcomes for vaccinated women. In the first three months of the pregnancy, many are experiencing stillbirth. At birth, there are fetal hemorrhages, maternal hemorrhages, and clotting. If the baby is born healthy, it has been found that the genetic material, the synthetic messenger RNA, travels in the breast milk from the mother to the infant.

Women are frequently told not to drink this or eat that for the sake of the baby. Yet there is no warning from the CDC or FDA on the dangers of Covid-19 vaccinations for pregnant women and their babies!

Americans do not need the CDC to understand the deadly effects of the vaccine. 28% of Americans know somebody who died after the Covid vaccination. In the Zogby survey, 15% of people who took the vaccine have come down with a new disease because of the vaccine. Even if the CDC and FDA never admit it, people are growing ever more suspicious and aware of the vaccine’s side effects. Everyone knows someone who has died or suffered because of it.

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