Twitter Users Freak Out About the FBI Seemingly Labeling Some Accounts as ‘Domestic Terrorists’

While the Label might be a joke, it isn’t far from future reality.

Chase Geiser, a political commentator who runs an online show called OneAmericanPodcast, posted a tweet wherein he has been labeled a ‘domestic terrorist’ on Twitter, citing the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As expected, the global techno-elite — Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. — are marching in lockstep with the current U.S. government, imposing strict measures on anyone disagreeing with or speaking out against them.

After banning a sitting President of the United States, at this point, nothing would surprise us.

Let’s take a look at this Twitter user and why he might be branded with the label of ‘domestic terrorist’ on his page.

And finally, we will post this podcast. We are not familiar with Chase Geiser’s content and cannot speak to or defend him in any way, but it would appear that he is a regular conservative by today’s standards.

Millions of normal conservatives are being labeled as domestic terrorists by the current American regime in Washington D.C. — Parents of school children and anyone who questions the authority of the American regime are being labeled domestic terrorists.

The current U.S. government wishes to penalize anyone who questions their authority. Anyone who questions the validity of the 2020 election is a domestic terrorist — even though Democrats spent the entirety of the Trump presidency doing just that.

The political divide is only widening, as radical-left-wing ground forces like Antifa & Black Lives Matter, techno-fascist entities like Google, Twitter & Facebook, and government agencies like the FBI, the CIA, and the State Department all declare that simple Americans utilizing the first amendment are a threat to democracy.

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