Facebook ‘Hate Speech’ Algorithm Finds 90% of Hate Speech Directed Towards White People

In a recent report, the Washington Post found that roughly “90 percent of ‘hate speech’ subject to content takedowns were statements of contempt, inferiority and disgust directed at White people and men.” This data destroys the narrative of the mainstream media, which has relentlessly suggested there is no such thing as anti-white hate speech.

In defense of the company’s policies, Facebook spokesman, Andy Stone, said “The Worst of the Worst project helped show us what kinds of hate speech our technology was and was not effectively detecting and understand what forms of it people believe to be the most insidious,”

He said progress on racial issues included policies such as banning white nationalist groups, prohibiting content promoting racial stereotypes — such as people wearing blackface or claims that Jews control the media — and reducing the prevalence of hate speech to 0.03 percent of content on the platform.


While detractors of Facebook’s internal ‘Hate Speech’ audit have claimed the algorithm simply did not ‘detect’ hateful or violent speech directed towards minority groups, while also suggesting possible ‘flaws’ within the algorithm itself, others have viewed the report as generally satisfactory, as ‘Hate Speech’ towards white people has become institutionalized, and can be widely found on television, social media, within music, etc.

The data, as it stands, tells a much different story than what you hear every night on television. The overwhelming majority of so-called ‘ Hate Speech’ is directed towards white people.

Simply searching for the term “I hate white people” on Twitter reveals MILLIONS of examples of individuals, boldly displaying their real identities online, confessing their hatred for white people.

This sentiment, which is exacerbated by daily news stories from the mainstream media, flies in the face of social media companies whose censorship of ‘hate speech’ has eliminated hundreds of thousands of conservative voices online.

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