Joe Biden’s ‘Vicious’ Dog REPLACED With Puppy After Biting & Pooping Incidents

In a November 2020 tweet, Joe Biden said “Let’s put dogs back in the White House” in an apparent jab at the dog-less former president Donald J Trump. Since that tweet, Joe Biden’s dog Major has defecated throughout the White House, bitten numerous individuals, and is subsequently to be re-homed and replaced with a puppy named ‘commander.’

Bringing dogs back to the White House was such a creative election strategy that there was even an official Twitter page created exclusively for the president’s dogs called ‘The Oval Pawffice.’

The page was generally used to run cover for the killer K9’s aggressive behavior after numerous incidents of white house staff being injured by the pugnacious pooch.

Many of Biden’s supporters have become ardent puppy apologists after multiple incidents involving Major have led to speculation about the future of Biden’s furry friend. Sorry, Ann, Major is out of here.

You can tell a lot about a man by the behavior of his dog. If a dog bites people, poops on the floor, and is generally such a nuisance he has to be removed from public sight, what exactly does that say about Joe Biden?

Now that you have gotten your puppy news fix, please follow this link to see how the techno-fascist elite plan on using YOUR biomedical data to establish a control grid under the guise of COVID safety protocol.

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