Thousands of Satanic Witches on TikTok Go to War Against Nick Fuentes Over His Comments on Women

A self-proclaimed ‘pagan witch’ has spearheaded a movement to cast spells on a conservative political commentator, Nick Fuentes, over his anti-abortion stance.

“When women were witches, what happened to them? Fuentes asks, before quickly answering “they were burned alive.”

The TikTok channel which originally uploaded the comments has garnered many hundreds of thousands of views, with over 15,000 comments from fellow pagans and witches vowing to “hex” Nick Fuentes in response.

One woman created a petition to have Nick Fuentes arrested, claiming his words were “eliciting violence against women and religious minorities.”

The petition has over 2,000 signatures at time of writing.

Thousands of self-proclaimed ‘pagans’ and ‘witches’ are vowing to ‘hex’ Nick Fuentes by casting spells on him, spells that will most likely be uploaded to TikTok.

Currently, TikTok is filling up with complaints and proclamations to ‘battle’ the conservative commentator in the spirit realm, as well as soon TikTok.

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