Alex Jones Debated Nick Fuentes on ‘Jewish Power,’ and it May Have Been the Final Blow to Classical Liberalism

Classical Liberalism is the sick man of politics. Long abandoned by the Left, many conservatives still cling to its stricken body like a life raft, unaware that it was the very reason the ship sank in the first place.

No one is more guilty of this than Alex Jones. The host of the wildly successful and well-known “InfoWars”, he is a self-proclaimed classical liberal. Despite his authentic love of the country he grew up in, he is intellectually unequipped to recognize the evils that bedevil the nation he is watching fall apart.

This was evident in his debate/interview with Nicholas J. Fuentes on his show. Alex Jones wanted to debate Nick on Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, which had been the scene-stealing conversation in his interview with Ye and Nick only a little over a week before.

From the get-go, Alex Jones espoused his libertarian distrust of authority, which would return throughout the interview. Cogent and unflappable, Fuentes, the founder of and host of America First, began by stating that the previous interview was not staged, as some had believed. It was no ambush, no publicity stunt, and certainly was not a result of mania or bipolarity on Ye’s part. Furthermore, he explained the true intention behind Ye’s recent actions:

Ye has started this conversation with the Defcon III tweet about the Jews. He went on your show and said that he loves Hitler, and what I think the most remarkable about this is that everybody is fixated on the remark. ‘What did you mean by Defcon III? What did you mean by you love Hitler? What do you love about Hitler? What does Defcon mean? Is that a threat?’ And so on. He’s done several interviews. He did an interview with Piers Morgan, with Lex Fridman, with Tim Pool, with you, with Gavin, and in all the interviews, it’s so focused on- the Hitler. It’s focused on the Jewish. And for a lot of people, they might say, ‘oh well of course, that’s an outrageous thing to say, it’s so provocative, and maybe that was the intention, maybe it was about publicity, maybe it was staged.’ But if you listen, if you listen to what the man is saying, he has said what got us to this point. I think that it’s almost, it says something in itself that the conversation is about the remark rather than all the, in my opinion, far more outrageous things going around. Which is right now, the ADL is shaking down Congress for 500 million dollars. I don’t know if people realize that.

Nick continued how the ADL reacted to the now famous interview with him and Ye, revealing their power that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Ye is pushing all their buttons. Alex Jones does two things well. Entertaining commentary on the elite’s power and interrupting his guests. He did the latter just as Nick was diving deep into the ADL, beginning the pattern which would display itself whenever Alex got flustered or outmaneuvered.

The interruptions that followed seemed longer than the actual interview, revealing fundamental differences between the two that is both generational and intellectual. Nick Fuentes is renowned for hosting his show without adverts or sponsors, without breaks or rest. He has never run from a controversial subject and can talk for hours seemingly without catching his breath or using the necessities. Alex, on the other hand, offers a non-stop digital medicine cabinet of wares every few minutes, from Turmeric 95 to libido-providing male enhancement pills, obviously for his more GenX and Baby Boomer audience.

While Alex can do whatever he wants with his business, it was plain to see that his advertisements worked as filibusters whenever he wanted to avoid the mental barrage coming from Fuentes. When Jones became entangled in debates with Fuentes, he used emotional and generational arguments as well. His worldview is riddled with emotion and individualistic wrath, and while occasionally he struck the right chords in pointing out the ADL’s war on him and others, he refused to acknowledge the lockstep uniformity of Judaism against the world.

 “Do you actually admire Adolf Hitler?” Jones asked Nick at one point.

“In some ways, yes,” Nick responded confidently. “And I am not a National Socialist, and I wouldn’t identify that way because I’m a Christian. So I’m not any kind of a socialist or a fascist; I, like Ye, believe we should have a Christian government; it’s a Christian country, God runs the world, we should have a government in accordance with that. But honestly, I don’t share this histrionic Jewish view that Hitler is this exceptional bogeyman, an evil figure. The 20th Century is full of violence, the 20th Century is full of authoritarian ideologies run rampant, and that is a product of modernism and liberalism and all kinds of trends. But this idea that my life is anyway impacted by Hitler, I have a lot more animosity for the ADL. I have a lot more animosity for the ZOA, I have a lot more animosity for the groups that have actually made my life, and the life of my family materially worse, personally, and across the board with the society. I’m sick of being expected by Jewish media and Holocaust museums to beat my chest like you kinda did the other week, ‘Ah, I hate Hitler! Hitler is the worst.’ You know, it’s like weird, it’s like 1984, you know, when they put the face on the tv, and everybody’s got to get all wound up.”

Nick and Ye critique with Christian love, for it is not hateful to point out uncomfortable truths or the crimes of any group of people. Meanwhile, Alex, who claims to be a Christian as well, said: “I legitimately hate Stalin, hate Mao, hate Hitler, hate the ADL, hate Barack Obama, hate the Democratic Party.” This is quite the assorted bag of people with wildly different beliefs, which Nick pointed out.

            “I know that you’re more of a libertarian, so you have this view of history which lumps in together Mao, Stalin, Hitler as authoritarians vs. freedom fighters, capitalists…George Washington, Thomas Jefferson.

            Alex is fighting a losing battle. The very people that want him bankrupt til kingdom come are the ones he refuses to recognize as a monolithic force, even though he admits many of them are Jewish.

            “There’s no doubt that leftism and the whole globalist power grab has wrapped itself in Judaism as its defense,” Alex said, “ and I would call the FTX folks and the federal regulators who all involved in this basically are Jewish, who are out there doing that, all criminals who happen to be Jewish, who are hiding behind Judaism.”

            Like Tim Pool and Gavin McInnes, Jones espouses Individualism, where religion and ethnicity play a minor background role. Generationally, the Baby Boomers, thru to the Millenials, were shaped by what Ye calls the “Red Media.” Authoritarianism was the big baddy, best displayed by the Nazism of WW2 or the Communism of the Cold War. The spoonfed cure to authoritarianism given to three generations from the victors of World War 2 was rootless individualism. “Live and let live”, “agree to disagree”, and “Coexist” became the mottos of the children of the ’60s through the ’80s.

            “My morality is not bound up in this authoritarian vs. freedom thing; it’s about God vs. the Devil,” Nick said. His worldview is the 2,000-year-old belief held by millions of Catholics around the world, whereas Alex’s worldview was born in rejection of Nick’s in the turbulence of the Enlightenment period, which took place in the 1700s. Again this displays the faultlines in modern rightwing thought. On Alex’s side, the Classical Liberals, one finds William F. Buckley and John Locke, men who compromised with the New World Order or helped to create it. On Nick’s side, one finds Pat Buchanan and the teachings of the Catholic Church, those who either built Western Civilization or fought to defend it.

            Nick Fuentes is not burdened by Classical Liberalism’s emotional shackles. He cut through layers of liberal obscurantism when he described the history of Jews in America and certain anti-Christian beliefs in Judaism.

            “The curious fact about the Jewish religion which all the Jewish people who came to America in the last century as immigrants were religious. When the people came over at Ellis Island in the late 19th and early 20th century, they came from these rabbinical communities, they were all very religious. So you’ve got all the Jews in America, elite, not elite, they’re one, two, or three generations removed from these very religious, rabbinical Jewish communities. What’s curious about the Jewish religion is it’s the only one that has an extreme antipathy for Jesus Christ. Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet. Buddhists, Hindus, they revere Jesus as a wise teacher. We all agree that Jesus existed. It’s only the Jews that say Jesus is burning in hell, boiling in semen and excrement, and say that his mother is a whore.”

The rest of the interview saw Alex’s spastic, abrupt emotional responses to Nick’s answers continuing while his adverts cut in and out, not so quietly reminding the audience that Alex runs a business, not a movement.

At the end of the day, both men realize there is a powerful cabal behind many evils in the world. However, that is where their similarities end. Nick embraces the rocks and darts thrown by global Jewish power, and in recognizing them, he is able to provide answers to many of the world’s problems. Alex suffers from the ADL as well, but he refuses to identify his attackers by their correct origin and name; he remains benighted to the root of the problem. The man who embraces Individualism will be left defenseless, blundering, and disorientated by the collectivized forces against him.

Fuentes seems radical, but in reality, he is the scion of a well-developed Christian civilization and parentage established long before Individualism unraveled the order of the Old World. To modernity, he is heresy incarnate; to rabbinical Judaism, he is a prescient threat to their worldview built on a rabid, blasphemous denunciation of Jesus Christ.

The average person is beginning to recognize that something is rotten in the American Empire, and while many remain fearful, in doubt, and scared to support Ye West and Nick Fuentes, they are beginning to connect the dots that those two trailblazers are revealing to them. The days of unanswered questions without solutions, best represented by Alex Jones, are beginning to end. The days of cold, clear truth, regardless of all that entails, are dawning.

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