GRAPHIC: Pit Bulls “Deadliest Dog in the World” — Responsible for 2/3 of all Fatal Dog Attacks in the U.S.

It is time to address the Pit bull in the room

Accounting for over two-thirds of all dog-related fatalities, and with over 673 fatal attacks since the 1980s, Pit bulls are ranked first as the world’s deadliest dog.

According to Animals24, “In 2019, pit bulls accounted for 91% of all reported fatal attacks on other animals, 91% of all fatal attacks on other dogs, 76% of all fatal dog attacks on cats, and 82% of all fatal dog attacks on other pets, poultry, and hoofed species.”

And while Pit bulls continue to maim and maul, hundreds of institutions throughout the U.S. continue to produce misinformation about the breed, even going so far as calling ‘Pit bull-truthers’ purveyors of “breed discrimination.

For instance, in an article posted by, Pit bulls are described as “perfect for families with children” — while countless other blogs implore unwitting hopeful dog owners to “adopt a pit bull” from a shelter.

Below we will provide evidence to the contrary, supported by leading K9 experts: Pit bulls are extremely dangerous, oftentimes deadly, and should be banned from the public, if not exterminated completely.

Now that you have seen firsthand evidence of the vicious and deadly nature of the Pit bull, below you will see the successful disinformation campaigns that are designed to induce pity on the breed.

These disinformation campaigns confuse adopters with disinformation, with many alleging they result in increased and needless death, especially among children.

If you would like an in-depth analysis of the numbers regarding Pit bull attacks, deaths, and other violent incidents, go to to learn the truth about the most dangerous dog breed in world history.

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