Idaho Young Republicans Accused of Stealing Election Away from Further Right Youth

The Idaho Young Republicans (IYR) is an organization few would expect to be the scene of controversy. That was before the fateful election on January 28th, 2023, which would decide who would become the new executive board members at the helm of the organization.

Since its’ “revival” in 2021, the Idaho Young Republicans was merely a shell of an organization, representative of the decline in youth support for the Republican Party in general. This “revival” consisted of one man, Daniel Silver, who essentially went to his church, signed up 65 kids to vote in the 2021 election, and directed them to vote for himself to become the new chair.

Although not directly involved in politics at the time, Silver was, and still is, a political insider. Through his connections at his job at St. Luke’s hospital, Silver became friends with Tom Luna, a corrupt RINO who at the time was the chairman of the Idaho Republican Party. This power play gave Silver total control over Idaho Young Republicans, as well as a seat on the executive committee of the state party.

The most extensive outreach the IYR performed under Silver’s “leadership,” was harvesting emails and giving t-shirts to those who came to their poorly organized and sparsely attended meetups. It promised little hope for the youth who are bombarded with social engineering in the schools and who see the Republican Party as inept and out of touch.

One could imagine the shock on the IYR leadership’s faces when they saw over 100 new applicants signing up for their organization and becoming delegates for their 2023 convention. It sent shockwaves through the RINO Republican Establishment in Boise. If they weren’t recruiting, then who was?

 Well, none other than Vincent James Foxx, founder of, Treasurer of the America First Foundation, and streamer on Without publicly advertising his intentions, Vincent got together many of his supporters in Idaho to sign up and become eligible for the IYR elections. He also gathered a slate of candidates to run with him, a secretary, a treasurer, a national committee man and woman, and a vice-chair with himself running for the chairman position. In only a few weeks, the IYR had gained many new members, with most of these signed up to attend and vote on January 28th during the convention in person or via zoom call.

The IYR leadership, at the direction of their previous chairman, and RINO Republican Daniel Silver, scrambled to prepare for the possibility of their organization becoming actually conservative. The IYR had always been an Establishment Republican apparatus, more closely resembling the Log Cabin Republicans, rather than genuinely representing the viewpoints of Idaho’s Christian conservatives. With Vincent James and his slate of authentic, Christian, America First social conservatives on the way from Idaho’s northern counties, they were desperate enough the break their own bylaws.

According to the Idaho Young Republican’s bylaws:

“Section 2: The Executive Board shall be elected at each biennial convention by a majority of delegates with nominations made from the floor. The terms of Executive Board officers shall last from the time of election until a successor is elected or appointed.”


Nominations must be made on the floor on the day of the election. This bylaw was broken by the IYR’s leadership, who drafted and prepared a slate of candidates, which they then emailed to their members. This clandestine group was then already on the ballot before they were nominated, giving the impression to many that they were the only ones to vote for.

They also sent out a text on election day asking their delegates to vote for “our Transparency Team of lifetime Republicans.” It is encouraging to see that this transparent team cared little for the bylaws of their own organization they so love and cherish.

Worse yet, only a few hours before the convention, some forty voting members were notified of their ineligibility to vote. The reasons given for this were as scoff-worthy and ridiculous as you’d expect. One woman, who voted fine well in the state elections, was denied even though she was a registered Republican. Many experienced technical difficulties while voting or watching on zoom. Still, many more were made ineligible because they had abbreviated their full name(e.g., Kate instead of Kathryn). They were not given any time to change their mistakes, yet the voting process was delayed so longtime friends of the IYR board could attend and vote in the meeting.

The Nomination process continued, with speeches made by the nominator and the nominated. From the very beginning, a clear and quantifiable difference was struck between the two slates.

Vincent James and his nominated board members were young, energetic, and concentrated, giving well-delivered, meaningful speeches. The speeches focused on the obvious problems within the IYR and the Republican Party, the evils attacking the youth, and the means to stop the evils: Christian virtue, guts, and intelligence. Their counterparts couldn’t have screamed, “Establishment!” anymore without openly saying the word. They were just as banal and boilerplate as Vincent James pointed out, fumbling through speeches that would have made Mitt Romney proud. Most of the Establishment candidates were poorly dressed compared to their suit-wearing opponents and lacked the same political awareness. They offered more of the same “Individual Freedom, Capitalism, Peace” message, which has enabled the country’s mutation from a moral one to a godless, perverted one.

There was a curveball when the establishment’s nominee for secretary dropped out and expressed her support for the Christian youth on the America First slate. She had been convinced by the speeches they were giving. “I believe that the people on this slate are going to do a better job of putting my vision into action and making it come to life.” This shocked both sides, setting Ryan Finney’s team on edge. The two youngest audience members would vote for Vince’s slate, with one speaking on their behalf. The nominations and speeches continued while the temporary chairman Jacob Miller struggled to perform the duties of his office. The zoom call crowd was noisy; he and his executive team associate could not mute them properly, leading to several outbursts. Two of the candidates for Finney’s team attended by zoom, even though they lived as close as twenty minutes away from the hotel the elections were taking place in.

When Timothy Lamb, who was running for Secretary, was giving his speech, he was rudely interrupted by Dom Gelsomino, who was on the zoom call. Timothy had been discussing the need to fight the Satanic homosexual agenda, which is destroying the bodies and souls of the youth. Angered, the homosexual activist Dom yelled, “objection!” Dom is a homosexual who called worried parents bigots just because they didn’t want pornography in the children’s section of libraries. He represents the sum average of the IYR’s support group. Timothy continued, and Dom was muted. Like Timothy’s, a good section of the Christian candidate’s speeches were focused on addressing the homosexual propaganda pervasive in schools and society. This is a topic the Republican party was dropped the ball on, which has led to untold criminal and spiritual atrocities springing up across the country.

The tabulation of votes took nearly forty minutes. There were less than 200. The votes were counted in a hidden room with no oversight from IYR members; it was tabulated by the board members only. This is suspicious, for the results should have been immediate, for an e-ballot was used, and everyone who could have, voted. Finally, the results were read, but something strange happened. Jacob Miller, the temporary chairman, stated that another vote had to be held over the position because the nominated secretary, Ashley Mujagic, dropped out. Even though the nomination procedures had been finished, a nomination for Mr. Caleb Hoobery for the secretary position went through.

When the revote was finished and the results of all positions were read, it was a clean sweep for the establishment figures for the slate of Ryan Finney. A debate was held over the results, but it was brief and quickly stifled by Jacob Miller.

Since the election, a veritable online firestorm has descended upon the IYR and its actions during the election. They broke their bylaws, they botched the voting procedure, and there was a lot of suspicious activities during and after the first vote, all of which are being investigated.

The IYR was afraid that America First Christians would win their organization. They feared their relative state party power would be used against the RINOs in the state legislature that supported them. In their panic, they rigged the game by breaking their bylaws and invalidating 40 voters hours before the election.

There is so much corruption in both parties. If this kind of fraud is happening locally to Republican party organizations, it is most certainly happening at the state level and nationally as well. Whatever credibility the IYR had beforehand, it most certainly lacks any now. Instead, it is seen as just another avenue of control and corruption attached to the RNC and Establishment figures. If anything else, the actions of the IYR indicate the need for change and correction in the organization, and if not that, dissolution.

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