Released NATO Military Documents Classify COVID Lockdowns as ‘Hostage Situation’ — Captives Advised to ‘Comply’

This is a Hostage Situation

This is a Hostage Situation

Released NATO documents reveal the official characterizations of hostage situations, detailing the most typical aggressors as being government or military while highlighting the stages of gradual acceptance by the captives who inevitably develop “Stockholm syndrome.”

In the NATO document “Hostage Survival Skills” written by Major P. J. Murphy and Captain K. M. J. Farley, the various characteristics of hostage situations directly mirror that of COVID lockdowns, mask & vaccine mandates, as well as the treatment of those who oppose such measures.

The document begins by detailing the typical ‘hostage takers,’ identifying ‘military personnel at the top of the shortlist of usual suspects, closely followed by terrorists and criminals and the mentally ill.

The most usual hostage situation, as identified by the NATO military documents, explains barricading, or “locking down” the captive, generally preceded by a ‘bartering’ situation, where the lives of the captives are used as a form of currency in exchange for something the captor wants.

Containment closely follows barricading. In the document, containment is described as “situations where a group, such as a convoy of vehicles, is surrounded and restrained by a larger force that has control of the area.

Sensory deprivation, such as forcing the hostage to wear a mask, concealing one’s ability to speak or interact with fellow hostages, is common among hostage situations.

As described by the NATO military document, the five stages of a ‘Hostage Situation’ are outlined in order, with “planning and surveillance” topping the list, closely followed by the “attack” after which “captivity.”

The next document called “The Behaviors of Captors Toward Their Hostages” outlines the actions and psychological movements towards the captives, detailing “mental cruelty” and “indoctrination / brainwashing” as well as “sensory deprivation” before outlining “threats of injury and death.”

The 6 “Stages of Adaptation of Captivity” clearly describe the effects of the COVID lockdowns on the world population.

COVID lockdowns began with “Startle / Panic” which was quickly followed by “Disbelief” — “Hypervigelance and Anxiety” which turns into “Resistance / Compliance” — after which “Depression and Despair” turn into “Gradual Acceptance.”

After gradual acceptance sinks in, the hostage begins to develop “Stockholm Syndrome” as the captive begins to view their captor as “protectors.”

Captives are advised to “maintain composure” and keep a “low-key, unprovocative” posture, after which they are advised by the NATO military document to attempt to “get captors to recognize you as a human being”

Hostages are then advised to “follow the rules of the of the captors” and to “say as little as possible.”

Captives are also advised to eat healthily and “exercise as much as possible” to maintain a general physical edge, counteracting “the physical effects of stress and confinement.”

The NATO document goes on to detail the psychological trauma caused by hostage situations and the numerous effects one may feel for days, months, and years after release.

For further reading into the topic of military guides into “hostage situations” please look into the following books and documents below.

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