Homicide Back to 1990’s Levels After Police are Driven Out of Minority Majority Areas

The new crime reporting system released by the FBI shows that the murder rate in almost every city in the United States is at the highest levels in over twenty years.

After looking at reported quarterly data from roughly 12,000 agencies in various cities and states, experts came to the conclusion that in 2020, the country saw more homicides since 1998.

The spike, totaling at over 20,000 recorded homicides, was the largest one-year increase in U.S. history.

“We’ve never seen an increase like that. Previously the biggest one-year increase in murder was a 12.5% increase in the 1960s,” statistician and crime analyst Jeff Asher told the Washington Examiner. “We’re really talking about unprecedented increases in murder.”

Using the FBI data, Asher concluded that the murder rate for 2020 was approximately 6.22 per 100,000 people. Not since 1998 has the country seen a murder rate that high.

Thirty four of America’s largest cities have suffered an approximately 30 percent increase in homicides in the year of 2020, according to a survey, with police in four Midwestern cities reporting increases of more than 60 percent over 2019.

The surge started almost directly after the death of George Floyd, and widespread protests and riots involving black lives matter.

In Milwaukee, homicides rose from 97 to 189, a 95 percent increase. In Louisville, homicides increased from 90 to 173, a 92 percent increase.

All across the nation, police are either retiring or transferring at the highest rates in history, many anonymously citing the Black Lives Matter riots and state and local government action that follows, making it impossible to do their jobs in black areas.

Police retirements in New York City have surged dramatically in the wake of widespread Black Lives Matters protests that began in late May 2020.

The New York Post reported that the NYPD has even taken steps to limit retirement applications, as they have surged 411 percent, compared with the same period last year.

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