Mexicans ANGRY as Americans Fill Mexican Cities — “They’re Changing our Way of Life”

Now Mexicans Know How Americans feel

Many Mexicans are reportedly upset at the thousands of Americans that have begun to move to Mexico seeking a better life, CNBC reports.

This comes as American life continues its steep decline following years of economic downturn, inner-city violence, and an aggressive political / media climate agitating the general populace on a daily basis.


It is being reported that many locals in Mexico City are “fed up” with their new American neighbors, who they say are “filling their neighborhoods” making them “unrecognizable” — erasing Mexican culture and even replacing Spanish with English as the dominant language in many places.

The media, however, fails to recognize the similarities in reporting, as many American cities have replaced the native population with foreign nationals, toppling English as the dominant language in thousands of neighborhoods across the U.S.

Currently, there are about 1.5 million Americans living in Mexico, while at the same time, there are over 60 million Mexicans / Hispanic people living in the U.S.

If Mexicans are angry that Americans are moving to Mexico, then Mexicans should reconsider moving to the U.S.

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