Campaign of Popular Trump-Endorsed Candidate Run by Liberals?

Joe Kent would have you believe he is a strong “America First” candidate from
Washington’s 3rd District. Beneath the gregarious grin and flag-waving, Kent’s true self
is not what it seems. While he postures as a conservative, for nearly a decade, Kent
was registered as a Democrat, even going as far as voting for Bernie Sanders in the
2020 Presidential Elections.

He later claimed that he only did this at the behest of Rush
Limbaugh, who advised Republicans to vote for Sanders to slow down Joe Biden in the
Democratic primaries.

However, Kent’s support for liberal politicians did not end there. He expressed
enthusiastic praise for Tulsi Gabbard and excitement to work with AOC and her
“Squad.” He took his support for liberalism further when he gushingly spoke with a
member of ” Democratic Socialists of America” Tamborine Borrelli.

His connections with the far-left go beyond these associations. In fact, he has an alleged left-wing activist working on his staff named Colby Conerly.

Colby also is a GOP Precinct Committee Officer and founder of The Bull Moose Project. On the outside, The Bull Moose Project appears to be a Christian, Conservative PAC, except for the litany of progressive and socialist tweets he proudly posts on Twitter.

These tweets include progressive gems such as “F*** you, I don’t care about no
bible,” and “Actually, The Bull Moose Project has no problem with Gay rights at all.”
Here are a few more shining examples of Colby’s views.

He expressed his support for the transgender Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner during California’s recall election in 2021: He exclaimed, “Sorry losers, but Caitlin Jenner as Governor is what California

He also went out of his way to attack Trump’s trans-military ban. “Not only is
Trump’s ban on trans serving has little logic supporting the action, people serving now
are going to not get their benefits now.”

On Colby’s Twitter @BullMooseProj, he describes his PAC as “A handful of
young Americans orchestrating the populist takeover of the Republican Party.”
But just what kind of populist takeover is Colby speaking of?

In early 2021 he tweeted:
“#wallstreetbets is just the beginning, average people are learning they have power for
change its time to think bigger lads. A populist party must rise in these midterms lets f* s* up. Calling all Bernie, Yang, and Trump supporters we got a wild coalition to build.”

His “populist takeover” also includes support for universal healthcare, UBI, free
community college, and a disdain for Christian conservatism.

Homosexuality, transgenderism, UBI, Socialism, and anti-Christian rhetoric
does not sound like America First conservatism. What it does sound like is
“Inclusive Populism.” Perhaps that is the reason he works for Joe Kent after all.

For once, Joe is being honest here. He is not America First; he is an
“Inclusive Populist.” If he hires liberal staffers, cavorts with leftist activists, and
expresses progressive beliefs, Kent should do conservatives all a favor and
re-register as a Democrat.

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