Disgraced Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Defends Ukraine — Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Gains Support of American Neo-Nazis

Disgraced Alt-Right leader, Richard Spencer, has taken to Twitter to voice support of Ukraine, taking similar positions on the East European conflict as George Soros, Greta Thunberg, and CNN in the debate surrounding the war with Russia.

Spencer, who spends much of his time complaining about other, more successful American political activists, has begun calling those who refuse support for the Ukrainian regime “shill” and “subversives.”

Spencer, who is known to be “anti-Christ”, has claimed Putin is attempting to reestablish Christendom, theatrically asking “how many Europeans are going to die” due to Putin’s efforts of “de-Nazification.”

Spencer, who spends much of his time online, has begun labeling Nick Fuentes’ America First movement as “internal subversives and traitors” after many within the ‘Groyper-sphere’ have expressed distaste with expansionary NATO military policy that has proven deadly time and time again.

The anti-Christian sentiment animating the Alt-Right leader’s animosity correlates with that of the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-nazi military unit rife with paganism, homosexuality, and anime. Many American neo-nazis express open support for the neo-nazi group, which has accepted millions in western funding, training, and arms.

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