How to: Celebrate Gay ‘Pride Month’ as a Straight White Man

With the end of May comes the beginning of the gayest month of the year, June, otherwise known as Gay Pride month.

This is the month when every marketing agency in America attaches their million-dollar brands to man-on-man gay anal sex, and Christians, straight people, black people, and anyone else who isn’t gay is bashed over their heads with gayness.

So, what can you do as a non-gay person this Gay Pride month?

You can start this year’s Gay Pride month by googling Monkey Pox Gay.

The feared ‘Monkeypox’ was spread through “gay sex parties” throughout Europe, just in time for Gay Pride month in America, a time when gays across the country will amass at gay sex parties.

Now that you have done your research into the origins of the strange and disgusting disease commonly known as Monkeypox, it is highly recommended you avoid gay people, generally. This means you avoid places they frequent, towns they live in, or even states that are known to be gay-friendly.

These places are lost and if you want to avoid catching strange diseases like monkeypox then it is time you cut your losses and leave these gay places.

Stay safe out there, everybody!

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