Ye Destroys The Matrix, Breaks Overton Window

If Ari Emmanuel, Harley Pasternak, or anybody else believed they would beat Ye into submission over his recent comments and media appearances, they were beyond mistaken. On Thursday, December 12th, Ye–formerly known as Kanye West–appeared with Nick Fuentes on InfoWars. Right out of the gate, it was clear that Ye was there to smash every preconceived notion of free speech and free thought. After an avalanche of media backlash for his pointed comments about Jewish power, Ye has had enough. By appearing on InfoWars, he has struck back at all the hall monitors and plastic people that have for so long undermined his brilliance. This seemingly benign act is a slap in the face to ADL, GOP RINOs, Democrats, and all the naggers and haters who have never missed a chance to disavow, disassociate and dismantle truth-tellers.

Ye begins the interview by saying; “Just God runs the world, and Jesus is the way and the life, and it’s time to put Jesus first in the way that we run our businesses, our families, and the way we run our country.” That sets the tone for the remainder of the three-hour interview, and every topic runs back to this idea of putting Jesus first. He then goes on to talk about Michael Jordan and how the media depicted him strictly as a basketball player, then compared him to Phil Knight, who was masked. Ye makes a point about how the media cannot control his image, referencing his Donda mask and attire. Jones concurs, and Ye goes on to say he is no longer controlled “by the people that froze my account, no longer by the people that threaten me. We got past the threats; they want to throw me in jail for the truth, and people believe me. And people see that, I wasn’t crazy in what I was talking about, and they keep trying to write it off, they try to write it off, but the truth is the more and more I’m faithful to Christ, the more and more he’s gonna keep unlocking the blessings.”

Ye expands on the necessity of having Christianity as the bedrock of American values. “We have to be really obedient,” he says, “One of the big topics right now is all the pedophilia advertisements. And my take on that, is there’s one place in the Bible where it says God sees sin differently…you have to stay strict to everything, and remove as much sin as possible in order to serve God.” He continues, “When people look at pornography, you’re still looking at someone’s daughter, and you’re looking at, a lot of times, someone that is the product of pedophilia. ” Ye rightly points out how the moral outrage of pedophilia is starting in the wrong place, since so many people are complacent on the road that leads to such outrage. Porn, sex, and drugs are rampant, and for our society to wave the bloody flag at pedophilia is pathetic, to say the least. “It’s either Christ said so, or Christ said no.”

When the show returned from commercial break, Ye expanded on this moral imperative of having a society run by Christians. He talks about his admiration for Steve Jobs, and compared him to King Gideon with his three-hundred servants of God, then went on to talk about his own experiences with pornography. Nick is given the floor when the topic of censorship comes up, and Nick sympathizes with Alex Jones after Elon Musk explicitly said he wouldn’t reinstate his Twitter account. “I think it’s time the people demanded a real victory here,” he says. “We’ve been at war, essentially, since Trump came down the golden escalator seven years ago to put America first, to put Christ first and free the internet and do these kinds of things. And here we are all this time later, and it seems like we’ve stagnated or in some ways maybe even taken a step back. So it’s time that people demand, ‘We want Christ first, we want America first, we want Alex Jones back on Twitter’. These are just and reasonable demands.”

 Ye explains that this censorship is a means to divide Christians and make them suspicious of each other so that when the time comes to stand against the Jews in power, they will be paralyzed with fear and confusion. “A Christian can stand next to anyone; we can go visit R. Kelly in prison, we can go talk to Harvey Weinstein…” At this moment Alex Jones interjects, “That’s what Jesus did!

Yes!” continues Ye. “Because Jesus can save everyone! But if the Zionists can get us so afraid that they’re gonna do what they’ve been doing to me; attempting to put me in jail, freezing my accounts, smearing me in the media, all of these things…you put on the whole armor of God, and they will not be able to break your spirit.

After this, Jones changes gears and talks about how the left likens all their opposition to Hitler. He points out that this is absurd, given his family fought in both World Wars, and he finds it hypocritical that the left would take money from George Soros, who worked for Hitler. He prefaces this by saying, “there are good people in every group”, seemingly in reference to Ye’s comments about Jews. Ye responds:

 “I said with Ali Alexander, Nick Fuentes, we’re like the SWAT team of free thought, and I go on with this battle ram at the door, and then they come in with these laser beams and have that information, we work together as a team; a lot of times in media they wanna single out one person and burn them to the core; that is a Zionist approach, and they’re asking me to use that same approach; ‘Well hey! Don’t say all people, just say specifically the businessmen,’ and then I go on Lex Friedman and I say who it specifically is, and that’s still not enough. They’re still taking it too far.” Ye compares it to a scene from American History X, saying “the crime doesn’t fit the punishment”, when Jones interjects again to say “You’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi, you don’t deserve to be called that and demonized.”

Ye had this to say:

 “Well, I see good things about Hitler also. I love everyone, and Jewish people are not gonna tell me ‘You can love us, and you can love what we’re doing to you with the contracts, and you can love what we’re pushing with the pornography.’ But this guy that invented highways, invented the very microphone that I use as a musician, you can’t say out loud that this person ever did anything good, and I’m done with that. I’m done with the classifications. Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table. Especially Hitler.

The enormity of this moment could not be denied. Even Alex Jones, who is no stranger to fringe ideas and pushing the envelope, was clearly uncomfortable. And Ye continued to push, talking about certain truths being hidden, like how certain African Americans were the first pilgrims and the Jewish slave boats. The remainder of the interview kept this energy, one of the highlights being Ye making fun of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In another moment, he asks, “If I say something that’s provocative towards the Mossad, is that Mossadgynistic?” Jokes like this permeated the show, bringing much-needed reprieve from the heavy subject manner.

All throughout the interview, Ye maintained a position of love and understanding. Such a position can only be achieved through the graces of God. To bring it back to the beginning, “It’s either Christ said so, or Christ said no.” Ye is stalwart in his mission to bring America back to its Christian roots; the particulars of that mission have yet to be revealed, however, the foundations are beginning to form. A coalition is forming around Ye and Nick Fuentes, one that could actually unite the dissident right in the coming years. Ye smashed many conventions at once with this interview and is only getting started. The final barriers to free speech must be destroyed before Christian Nationalism can fully rise in America. Everyone understands that Hitler and the Nazis are used as a bludgeon to corral conservatives into a box. The world very much still exists in the shadow of WWII.  It is only through breaking out of this box, as Ye has done, that the Right can truly ascend.

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