The Ray Epps Breach Happened Just Three Minutes After Police Left the Capitol Due to Pipe Bomb Threat

Weeks after multiple criminal complaint documents confirmed Federal Agents were in and around the Capitol Building on January 6th, new revelations are surfacing about the timeline of the entire ordeal.

According to the official timeline reported by Politico, a breach in the capitol barricades, led by the now internet famous Ray Epps, happened just three minutes after capitol police were coincidentally removed from the premises to investigate reports of explosive devices.

At exactly 12:49 pm, Capitol Police responded to a report of a possible explosive device at the Republican National Committee Headquarters, which was later identified as a pipe bomb. Police also reportedly found another pipe bomb at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at 1:07 pm.

Just three minutes after the first report of an explosive device at 12:53 pm, rioters overwhelm police along the outer perimeter west of the Capitol building, pushing aside temporary fencing.

Capitol Police began investigating the pipe bomb at 1:07 p.m., according to an official Capitol Police timeline of events obtained by Politico.

The timeline notes that Capitol Police and the Secret Service evacuated an unnamed “protectee” at approximately 1:14 p.m, seven minutes later. It was later confirmed that Kamala Harris was the Secret Service protectee identified in the timeline, which has circulated on Capitol Hill.

The identity of the person who allegedly planted the pipe bombs has never been revealed, and national media outlets seem to have lost interest in finding out the identity of the alleged bomber.

Aside from reports about Ray Epps instigating a breach, there were several other attendees who reported witnessing multiple instigators attempting to encourage people to breach the Capitol doors at different times.

In a recent letter sent to the attorneys of the 9 arrested Oath Keepers whose trial starts on Tuesday, the US government finally admitted in this letter that they were running Confidential Human Sources inside the Oath Keepers organization on January 6.

Based on the language of the motion, the government seeks to prevent the defense attorneys from asking about any other investigations or operations that the confidential human sources have been involved in.

The government also seeks to keep the identity of these confidential human sources private from the American public.

US Government Admits to Con… by Jim Hoft

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