Abortion is 250 Times WORSE than the Holocaust — 1.5 BILLION Babies Murdered World-Wide

“Patients Can No Longer Get The Healthcare They Need”

Most westerners believe the Holocaust was the single worst atrocity to be committed in human history. But while the 6 million that were said to be murdered in the Holocaust doesn’t compare to many genocides committed by communists or the death tolls in several wars throughout history, over 1.5 billion babies have been murdered by abortion.

That makes abortion 250 times worse than the holocaust in terms of loss of human life. This means that abortion is the single greatest human atrocity to ever have been committed in all of human history.

So why don’t we view the practice of abortion as worse than the Holocaust?

It all comes down to semantics. Or, in other words, legalistic and manipulative word games.

After an Idaho Supreme Court decision was made upholding the near-total ban on abortion in the state, journalists and activists have gone MAD as they realize they will no longer be able to kill babies.

The President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Alexis McGill Johnson, branded the ruling as “horrific,” pledging to continue the fight against the unborn.

But, more than expressing her outrage, she branded mothers as “patients,” removing the familial language from the equation.

Democrat Rep. Lauren Necochea from Idaho declared the ruling as a “nightmare,” claiming to be “livid” and that the pro-life law is “cruelty.”

The Ten Stages of Genocide are outlined below. With #4, we are very clearly able to identify the dehumanization of unborn children having taken place with the semantics surrounding the topic of abortion.

Democrats of all colors play the semantics game of pretending an unborn child is somehow not a human by rebranding the mother as a “patient” and the murder of an unborn child as “health care.”

For instance, here we have the ‘holy trinity’ of abortion semantics, where Danielle Walker refers to an unborn child as a “fetus,” the act of murdering the unborn child as “reproductive healthcare,” and the mother as a “patient.”

To add the cherry on top, she even referred to a “play on words” in her liberal word vomit of a statement.

If Democrats were to speak in plain English, Danielle Walker’s statement would read like this:

“You have been pregnant? You are a baby killer? Killing babies is killing babies! It’s inclusive to all mothers! My uterus doesn’t fit in your cookie cutter play on words. I said what I said! I am a baby murderer.”

Here you can see an individual referring to abortion as “reproductive healthcare” over and over again in what feels like an unnatural and forced monologue.

Here is another video posted by the official Senate Democrats Twitter page wherein a woman going by the name Dr. Brandi refers to mothers as “patients” and killing babies as “healthcare.”

The term fetus was injected into the conversation surrounding abortion early on, with abortionists almost uniformly referring to unborn children as such.

The definition, as provided by Merriam-Webbster, describes a fetus as an “unborn or unhatched vertebrate…”

A vertebrate, as defined by Merriam-Webbster, is described as “an animal of a large group distinguished by the possession of a backbone or spinal column, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes.”

Clearly, the calculated decision by abortionists to use the term ‘fetus’ while referring to unborn human children was done to dehumanize them so as to soften the conversation around the killing of human beings.

The comment section of the definition of fetus clearly understands that there is a game of semantics at play and what that means for the unborn.

Abortion is the systematic and methodical genocide of unborn human beings.

The orchestrators of this horror have manipulated language to confuse the populace, using semantics to dredge up legalistic loopholes, all while dehumanizing human beings with the intent on having them murdered.

Unborn children are human beings — not “fetuses.”

Pregnant women are mothers — not “patients.”

and the premeditated intentional ending of a human life is murder — not “health care.”

Abortion is the single greatest atrocity to have ever taken place in human history. It has claimed more lives than every recorded genocide in world history, and it continues to this day.

Stop playing word games.

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