Idaho Republicans Plan Take Over of Democrat Party — Switch Party Affiliation, Fill Democrat Committees, Expelling Abortion From State Forever

Make Democrats Conservative Again

The idea was sparked by Idaho’s Democrats who, over the years, have become accustomed to switching party affiliation to Republican in order to ‘steal’ the Republican primary, favoring weak, lesser-conservative candidates for office.

In a report from the IdahoTribune, the Democrat practice of switching political affiliation and voting for weak Republican candidates has become tradition, with journalists, Democrat committee members, and even individuals who’ve run as Democrats for public office, partaking in the subversive activity.

Democrats have been switching party affiliation in Idaho for years, becoming Republicans to vote in closed primary elections, ensuring the “middle ground” candidates win. This effective strategy ensures your Republican candidates do nothing when elected into office.


Some Republicans in the state, such as Chris Fillios, have even personally thanked Democrats who, he claims, secured his bid for office by switching political parties, and voting in the closed Republican primary.

After Democrats have turned the practice into a staple of their political strategy, some local Republicans in the state, such as Dave Reilly, have begun switching their party affiliation to Democrat, in order to run for local committee positions.

Winning such positions will prove to be an easy feat, considering how few Democrats actually exist in the state.

This all comes as Democrats in the state continue to attack Republicans who are openly planning the take-over, claiming the act to be ‘illegal.’

Republicans in the state learned a thing or two from their Democrat neighbors, and plan on turning the last blue portion of the state, deep red.

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