Biden Announces They’re Trying to ‘Recalculate’ COVID Hospitalizations as He Concedes They’re Immensely Overcounted

According to a recent report from Politico, Biden officials are currently trying to recalculate U.S. Covid-19 hospitalizations to ‘get a more accurate sense of Covid’s impact across the country.’

Politico reports that a group of scientists and data specialists are now asking hospitals to separate the number of patients who go to the hospital because they have Covid-19 from individuals who go in for other reasons and test positive after being admitted.

The shift likely stems from a report from the Atlantic which covered 50,000 COVID hospital admissions and found that 48 percent were patients with mild or asymptomatic disease, and were hospitalized for different reasons unrelated to COVID-19.

The report also concluded that 40 to 45 percent of the hospitalizations tallied as COVID hospitalizations among children, were for people who were hospitalized for a different reason entirely.

According to another report from the Daily Mail, a quarter of people in hospitals in England who are being marked as ‘COVID patients’ were also being treated for other illnesses altogether.

Several medical examiners, coroners, and scientists claim the COVID death numbers are just as, or even more inflated than the hospitalization numbers.

During his show, “Real-Time” late-night host Bill Maher faced backlash after he explained how the medical establishment has been constantly putting out false talking points about the virus, the pandemic, and how to fight it.

During his segment, Maher went over the three major claims made by skeptics last year — which were considered misinformation — that are now widely accepted as truth.

Several popular pundits have asked why any American would believe the medical establishment when it comes to vaccine safety after they have conceded they were wrong on things like the lockdowns, hospitalizations, and vaccine efficacy.

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