CNN Claims ‘We Need to Make Life Hard’ for Unvaccinated Americans, as Vaccine Deaths Surge

The latest data released by the CDC shows a total of 438,441 total adverse events reported to the CDC’s VAERS system, including 9,048 deaths. The newest numbers show an increase of more than 2,000 deaths compared with the previous week.

VAERS, the CDC’s primary mechanism in the U.S. for reporting adverse vaccine reactions, historically only reports 1% of the total actual adverse events according to a Harvard study.

Following the release of the vaccine death and reaction data, CNN’s medical contributor said that life needs to be ‘hard’ for unvaccinated Americans, suggesting we create databases of these individuals and subject them to mandatory weekly testing.

Wen also claimed in the segment that allowing the new Delta variant to spread would threaten the goal of achieving herd immunity, despite herd immunity historically being achieved through natural infection.

The latest data shows the COVID vaccines have very low efficacy against the new Delta variant of coronavirus and an even lower efficacy against the Lambda variant.

Around 90% of the people in the UK and Israel are contracting the Delta variant of the virus. Approximately 50% of those people have been fully vaccinated with the new MRNA technology.

Pfizer announced recently that it will seek FDA authorization for a booster shot of its COVID-19 vaccine as the company acknowledges its two-dose vaccine has shown waning effectiveness against variants. 

According to doctors, the Delta variant’s symptoms are much milder. Dr. David Priest, an infectious disease specialist with Novant Health, said while the loss of taste and smell was the most telltale sign of the coronavirus throughout the pandemic, many getting sick with delta present with more mild symptoms, like a runny nose or sore throat.

The most common symptoms for all age groups closely resemble the common cold or hay fever.

The NY Times conceded recently that people naturally infected with COVID-19 gain natural immunity that lasts for years and maybe a lifetime. Some experts say that the immunity provided by natural infection may be better than the immunity vaccines allegedly provide.

For as long as the ‘herd immunity’ section existed on the World Health Organization’s website, the WHO defined herd immunity as through natural infection or vaccination.

After the vaccines were approved for emergency use authorization though, the WHO changed the definition on their site to show that herd immunity is achieved only through vaccination.

When many outlets, including the NY Post, highlighted this change which included misinformation, the WHO changed the definition on their website again.

Original Definition on the WHO Website

Change to the Definition on the WHO Website

Final Change to the Definition on the WHO Website

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