Top Gun Safe Company Gets Bud Light Treatment After Providing the FBI with Customer’s Passcode

A well-known manufacturer of gun safes is facing criticism from conservative groups after assisting law enforcement in gaining access to a safe owned by a man who is alleged to have participated in the Capitol riot.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Liberty Safe, recognized as “America’s premier safe manufacturer,” revealed that the FBI had approached them on August 30th, requesting the access code to a safe owned by an individual subject to a search warrant.

The company stated, “Our standard operating procedure is to furnish access codes to law enforcement when a valid warrant authorizes access to a property. Upon receipt of the request, we verified the existence of a legitimate warrant and subsequently provided them with the access code.”

The individual in question, identified as Nathan Hughes, a 34-year-old resident of Arkansas, is facing charges including a felony offense of civil disorder and multiple misdemeanor charges stemming from his actions at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

According to the popular conservative pair known as the Hodge Twins, who claim to be friends with Hughes, they were informed that Liberty Safe had assisted the FBI. They stated, “The FBI disabled his security cameras, disconnected his internet, and conducted an extensive search of his residence.” They further added, “Federal authorities contacted the manufacturer of his Liberty Gun Safe to obtain the access code for it.”

Although Liberty Safe’s statement does not explicitly mention Nathan Hughes, the timing of their reaction strongly implies a connection to the incident. Liberty Safe did not provide a response to inquiries made by the Daily Dot concerning Hughes.

In light of the perceived vulnerability in the company’s safes, conservatives promptly declared their intention to boycott Liberty Safe, inundating the company with grievances. Certain right-wing individuals drew parallels between Liberty Safe and Bud Light, which faced a conservative boycott for sponsoring a transgender influencer.

Several individuals went as far as indicating their plans to either return or cancel their orders for safes from the company in the wake of this disclosure.

Additionally, some individuals characterized Liberty Safe as disloyal to the cause of freedom, employing hashtags like #BoycottLibertySafe.

One Twitter user expressed their sentiments with a farewell message: “Goodbye, Liberty Safe. Traitors to Freedom and your own customers.”

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