Popular Comedian Sam Hyde Challenges Left-Wing Star Hasan Piker to Million Dollar Boxing Match

Popular comedian Sam Hyde has challenged left-wing sweetheart, Hasan Piker, to a one-on-one million-dollar boxing match. The mysterious crypto coin investor who put up the bounty for the fight has reportedly previously refused to donate to various causes, that is until setting his sights on “youtube boxing” which in his words is “worth the investment.”

Hasan Piker, who has mentioned interest in Youtube boxing, boasting of his physical stature, has yet to respond to the invitation from the crypto comedian, in a move that many have deemed “cowardly.”

Below is a video invitation from comedian Sam Hyde where the jokester details the $1,000,000 donation from a crypto investor who has previously been frugal with his digital riches.

Hasan Piker has made a name for himself in radical left-wing political circles as an edgie social-justice warrior. Piker, who recently found himself censored from Twitch for inciting racial animosity towards spicific groups of people based on the color of their skin, has since taken to Twitter where he continues to spew racial hatred in the name of social justice. 

Literally a actual million if he wins. He’s told people he wants to do YouTube boxing this is the most money he’ll get for that. He just knows he’d fold immediately. His ideal opponent is Sargon of akadd

Sam Hyde

Rather than address the million-dollar elephant in the room, Piker has taken to Twitter with racially charged statements which many of his followers deem to be “edgy” — while detractors continue to claim he is “stalling” — Hasan continues to dodge Sam Hyde’s request to fight.

We will continue to follow this story, providing updates as they arrive.

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