VIDEO: Anti-Lockdown Protests ‘Largest’ & Most ‘Widespread’ Protest Movement in Human History

The current wave of anti-lockdown protests sweeping the western world is the largest and most widespread protest movement in human history, both in consecutive days of protest and the sheer size of crowds. Despite this fact, mainstream media refuse to report the truth.

Massive protests have erupted across Europe, the Middle East, South America, North America, and throughout the United States over COVID-related government vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and other tyrannical measures said to combat the spread of disease.

While little science suggests these drastic measures taken by governments around the world are effective at preventing the spread of the so-called COVID virus, a bleeding economy, dwindling employment, and strained supply lines have pushed millions out into the streets to push back against what they view as government tyranny.

See below the vastness of anti-lockdown protests throughout all of Europe and beyond.

Unsurprisingly, Antifa (a radical pro-government militia) has also taken to the streets throughout the western world, aiming to intimidate, and in many cases, physically assault anyone who opposes their government’s actions.

While pharmaceutical-funded media outlets continue to gaslight the general public into believing anti-lockdown protesters are a small minority, the video footage suggests otherwise.

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