Trans People Online Declare War on Christians After a Christian Elementary School is Targeted ahead of “Trans Day of Vengeance”

The Transgender movement–which is composed entirely of insane people–is among the most evil elements of our society. The same group which openly advocates for the mutilation of children, the corruption of minors, and a complete rejection of reality is now declaring war on Christians.

On March 27th, 28-year-old Audrey “Aiden” Hale broke into The Covenant School, a private Presbyterian school that teaches preschool through sixth grade. She then opened fire on staff and students, killing six in total. The victims were identified as students Evelyn Dieckhaus, William Kinney, and Hallie Scruggs, all 9 years old; substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, 61; custodian Mike Hill, 61; and headmistress Katherine Koonce, 60. Police arrived on the scene and engaged the shooter, gunning her down in the vacated halls. She was later identified by Nashville police as a female-to-male transgender, based on male pronouns she used on social media. After searching her home, police found a manifesto as well as a map of the school with a planned route for the shooting. The guns she used in the shooting were acquired legally, without her parent’s knowledge. The manifesto has yet to be released.

Hale was previously a student at The Covenant School. From the documents released by authorities, it is apparent that Hale harbored a deep resentment for the school, and had likely been planning the attack for a long time. Though the mainstream media will not admit it, this shooting was in response to recent anti-LGBT legislation that passed in Tennessee and is also an anti-Christian hate crime. While the media has all but refused to frame the incident in its true light–instead pursuing the typical anti-second amendment talking points–some members of Congress are now pressing the FBI and DHS to open a hate crime investigation. Josh Hawley, the junior US senator from Missouri, is leading the charge on this. When asked if he agreed with Hawley, President Joe Biden nonchalantly downplayed the anti-Christian angle

The White House Spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre used the shooting to focus on how the trans community is being negatively affected by one of their own murdering six people in cold blood.

Jewish liberal news show host David Pakman saw the tragedy as a perfect opportunity to mock Christians.

In a perfect example of “crying out as they strike you” Pakman then claimed he was the victim of antisemitism and death threats in response to the tweet and deleted it. 

 YouTuber The Amazing Atheist (who is infamous for a video in which he inserts a banana into his anus and pours coffee onto his micropenis, a video of which he is proud) agreed with Pakman’s tweet so much that posted a screenshot of it after it had been deleted. He also baselessly denied Christ’s resurrection. 

This all happened ahead of the “Trans Day of Vengeance,” an event originally scheduled to take place in Washington DC on March 31st, the same day as International Transgender Day of Visibility. One of the organizers of the event admitted to Buzzfeed News that “Trans Day Of Vengeance is more action-oriented.” The event was then canceled due to alleged threats of violence. Twitter also deleted all tweets which included an image promoting the event.

On Thursday, March 30th, liberal protestors staged a failed insurrection at the Tennessee Capitol building, attempting to prevent lawmakers from entering their chamber and then flooding the chamber balcony to shout down lawmakers as they held a session. The protestors called for an assault weapon ban in response to Monday’s shooting. Three Democrat State Representatives, Justin Jones (Nashville), Justin Pearson (Memphis) and Gloria Johnson (Knoxville) broke House rules by occupying the podium out of turn and leading the protestors in the balcony in chants of “No action, no peace!” and “Gun control now!” Rep. Jones used a megaphone and brandished a sign that read “Protect kids not guns.” Presumably, their goal was to either force a vote on gun control or force the session to adjourn.

This is the answer liberals always give in response to mass shootings: increased gun control. What most fail to recognize is that mass shootings didn’t see a significant rise until the late 90s. With very few exceptions, all of American history was free of mass shootings until the sharp decline of religiosity in the 1990s and early 00s. This lack of belief in a higher moral power is the root of the mass shooting problem. It doesn’t stem from the population’s access to firearms but from liberalism itself. Nonetheless, since liberals refuse to acknowledge transgenderism as a mental illness, they would be unwilling to argue for gun control to prevent these people from gun ownership.

These shootings will continue so long as transgenderism is accepted in America. Transgenderism is not real. No one can “deny” trans people, because there is nothing to deny: trans people are not real. They are mentally unwell, psychotic individuals pretending to be another sex. In all the scientific literature, we see a consistent connection between so-called transgender people and mental illness. These ideas go hand-in-hand because they are one and the same. To be “transgender” is to be mentally ill.

We all know this to be true because we intuitively know what a man is and what a woman is. We don’t get to dictate our biology. Every single cell in our body reaffirms our true identity. It is not a matter of personal preference, taste, or a passing feeling, it’s a matter of truth. We live in an objective world, and our representatives and lawmakers must acknowledge that in no uncertain terms. It is not enough that we make impotent legislation to regulate this sickening lifestyle, we must reject it as harshly as we reject serial killers and pedophiles. All three groupings are equally unstable and incompatible with a safe, healthy community.

There should be an attack on the existence of so-called “transgender” people. Their “existence” is made possible only through genital mutilation and the manipulation of mentally ill, traumatized, and deeply confused minors. The last thing these people need is for society to indulge their delusions. We don’t tell schizophrenics that the voices in their heads are real. Are we “denying the existence of the voices in their heads”? Absolutely, because we know what they are experiencing is an aberration: it is a lie brought on by mental illness.

Transgenderism is a deadly lie, and we have been at its mercy for far too long. Its practice and praise in any capacity must be called out as immoral and codified as illegal. What is needed now is a counter-insurgency to this invasive ideology. Christians must assert themselves and erase this moral degradation from the bottom up. If we want to stop these mass shootings, if we want to stop Christians from being murdered, we have to reject not only the latest iteration of liberalism, but pull out the weed at its roots. Transgenderism, homosexuality, promiscuity, and even contraception must be examined in a far more critical, more honest way. Are these ideas supported by our Christian faith? Or have our beliefs been steadily turned away from God, who gives us our morality?

This transgender issue reflects our nation’s crisis of values. Against this rising tide of confusion and violence, Republicans have refused to stake out a positive vision for our country. They can’t even conceive of a nation where we outlaw the most heinous and depraved people from crossdressing, grooming, and now murdering children. We need leaders who are guided by objective, Christian values. We need leaders who will condemn actions on a moral basis. Transgenderism is not merely ‘unusual’, it is evil and it is wrong.

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