Why Twitter Suspended Nick Fuentes and Ali Alexander at the Same Time

The Elon Musk era of Twitter has been one marked by bipolarity and shattered promise. While many rejoiced at his coming to the ailing and hostile company, the jubilation turned sour once his actions manifested different outcomes than what he had advertised.

On January 25th, 2023, almost three months after Elon acquired Twitter, conservatives and free speech advocates were once again disappointed when Nick Fuentes and Ali Alexander were suspended. Fuentes, who had been back on the platform for less than a day, posted a tame Spongebob meme and hosted a Twitter Space before being unjustly suspended. No rules were violated. Amnesty for canceled, controversial figures is a lie when they are booted days or less than a day after their reinstatement.

Ali Alexander, the Stop the Steal Founder, was the target of a concentrated attack from the pro-Ron DeSantis crowd, who dislike Trump, hate Ye, and view Ali Alexander as a Christian radical. Reporting accounts one doesn’t like is nothing new for the platform, but coordinating reports with Twitter employees is a whole different story. One Twitter employee used the report to suspend Ali under an hour after Nick’s suspension.

The call for their suspension came from the usual suspects as well. Jewish Supremacy groups like the ADL and the SPLC had been hounding Twitter directly as soon as they found out about their account reinstatements. Ali was allowed back onto the platform on January 9th of this year, and Nick, a little over one day before his suspension. The ADL has CEO powers over Twitter, with applied pressure, Elon’s spine for free speech breaks.  Neither of the men broke the Terms of Service(TOS). Both suspensions occurred within minutes of each other, proving that it was coordinated between parties on the outside and employees within. This indicates the Free Speech crisis in this country, as Twitter is the online soapbox that most Americans agree should remain open to all discourse. Yet the company, which openly allows pornography and sexual solicitation on its platform, ban those whom the ADL and SPLC feel threatened by.

Both men did not receive any emails explaining why they had been suspended. But it is easy to understand why they were banned. This was not a random fluke in the algorithm. While it could have been Twitter bots mass reporting them, which certainly happened, the weight of the ADL and the SPLC carried the executioner’s blow.


Ali has always advocated for the reinstatement of conservative pundits and activists, including Gavin McInnes and Alex Jones. In his short time back on the platform, he has made waves with the Republican Establishment with his posts that savaged MTG and Katrina Pierson. This attracted the ire of DeSantis supporters, who made it known they would do all in their power to see him suspended from Twitter.

Both men have been helping Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, in an advisory position. Both have been attacked for views that were considered normal, wholesome, and beneficial less than 60 years ago. Yet few are the so-called “free speech warriors” who have risen to defend Ali and Nick. Their actions speak louder than their words. For them, most speech is free, except when it angers Jewish lobby groups and unless it bans them from Twitter or YouTube. These lobby groups can’t effectively debate or counter the arguments made by Ali and Nick, so they push the nuclear option and use their influence to shut up their pawns and activate their allies on social media to get them banned.

Twitter is a wasteland of “Bluecheck” liberals and shadowy influencers now that the most charismatic and controversial figures are gone. It is a shame, but this will continue until the American people are made aware that they could be silenced for what they say. Too much power is given to anti-hate groups who hide behind ambiguous slogans yet call for the destruction of Whites and Christian people. Elon Musk should ban Abe Foxman, not Ali Alexander.

Ali’s brief but powerful return to Twitter was too much of a pox upon the ADL’s existence for it to last long. Fuentes’s twenty-four-hour stint on Twitter saw one-thousand new followers on his account every hour. Make no mistake, this may sound harmless to America First patriots, but this is anathema to the ADL. Nick and Ali are accused of being dangerous, but dangerous to whom? Are they threatening the American people because they want the well-being of the American citizen? They are dangerous only to those who would see America continue its decline into sectarian violence, international control, and uni-party tyranny.

Ali rallied the country to support the legitimate President of the United States, Donald Trump. He continues to work toward emancipating the political system from the chains of Jewish control by working with Ye. Nick Fuentes is the most canceled man in America, yet he has committed no crime unless exercising his 1st Amendment is a crime.

While there are still plenty of details to come in the future, one thing is clear: Ali Alexander and Nick Fuentes are threats to the evil entrenched in the country, which should encourage Americans to appeal their return to Twitter.

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