Former Trump Advisor Shows She Doesn’t Even Know How Congress Works While Defending RINO Republicans

It’s a good thing Katrina Pierson isn’t in charge of running the government because she has yet to even read the Constitution or learn how Congress operates it seems.

During the ongoing bid for Speaker of the House, she became embroiled in an erroneous statement over a tweet Right Wing Watch posted last Thursday. The tweet featured Stop the Steal organizer and rightwing activist Ali Alexander stating he would disclose incriminating evidence that would lead to the expulsion of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress.

The audio clip contained scathing condemnations of MTG’s conduct, including Ali calling her “lukewarm” and insisting that “everyone will know about your drunken night.”

Ali’s denunciatory clip comes off the heels of what many conservatives see as MTG’s betrayal of America First Congressman Paul Gosar, the abandonment of the J6 prisoners and their families, and her explicit support of Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

The reportedly adulterous congresswoman found support in Katrina Pierson, who tweeted to the world the results of her IQ test.

Article I, section 5 of the United States Constitution gives the authority to each House of Congress to decide upon their own Rules of proceedings, to punish their members for any type of disorderly behavior and, with the support of two-thirds of their members, to expel a member. Since the adoption of the United States Constitution in 1789, the Senate has only expelled fifteen of its members.

One would think a former national spokesperson and senior advisor would know the government’s ins and outs or political precedent, but Katrina Pierson knows neither.

In the history of the United States Congress, twenty Congressmen have been expelled: fifteen senators and five members of the House of Representatives. Commenters on her tweet were quick to set her straight with examples of expulsions from Congress.

Katrina is not suffering from a lapse in intelligence, nor is she a victim of an honest mistake. It is a wonder that the woman got to be taken so seriously in the first place, given her early life, her track record of political insincerity, and her displacement of Donald Trump in favor of the milquetoast Ron DeSantis.

Five days before her 21st birthday, she couldn’t wait to celebrate by reportedly shoplifting, while her young son who was the product of a three-month marriage, was alleged with her during the act.

The purported convict turned political grifter, apparently voted for Obama in 2008 before inexplicably joining the Tea Party in 2009, and rising to become a significant activist and speaker.

She supported the Establishment Republican Ted Cruz for several years before latching onto Trump in 2015. Trump hired her as his national spokesperson that year, and in 2018 the Trump 2020 campaign hired her as a senior advisor.

Her opportunistic support for Trump dwindled after the January 6th Capitol Protest, slowing to a trickle of support as it stands currently. Presently, she tows the Republican Party line, showering Ron DeSantis with praise and doggedly supporting the recently elected Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy.

Pierson is not a standout cog in the political machine. She is quite commonplace, but therein lies the issue. She is the model of the inept middle management parasite type that leeches off of whoever is popular and established. No wonder the GOP is in such a bad state.

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