Southwest Support Forum Taken Over by 4Chan Message Board Trolls

Following viral news reports that hundreds of Southwest flight delays were due to a mass sick-out by airline employees, the Southwest Airlines online support forum was completely taken over by internet sleuths from 4chan and Reddit.

Countless users posted hundreds of messages to the board, effectively transforming the Southwest forum into a mirrored version of a 4chan message board.

Some visitors claiming to be customers amid the delays and cancellations say they were being threatened by the invaders who have now claimed the forum as their own.

“What the **bleep** is wrong with this place? I’ve been visiting Southwest Airlines for a week now and so far have had my life threatened by someone claiming to be an ex-Navy Seal, been told in multiple paragraphs that I will never have ovaries or be a woman, been called Rabbi more times than I can count.”

Users have used the hijacked forum over the past several hours to roast President Joe Biden, spread information about the vaccines, offer alternative explanations for what happened during the holocaust and 9/11, as well as talk about Jeffrey Epstein.

One user claimed to have missed their grandmother’s funeral because of the delays, with several accounts responding to the post saying that she ‘probably died from getting the vaccine.’

Another user asked if Southwest flights come equipped with Super Nintendo as in-flight entertainment.

It is unclear if the forum has any moderators, but as of Monday at 5 am in the morning, there were still hundreds of messages with new ones being posted every few seconds. By 9 am the page was down for maintenance.

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