Social Worker Secretly Begins Transitioning Young Girl Without Parental Consent, School Faces No Repercussions

The recent news of a social worker secretly starting a gender transition process for a thirteen-year-old girl in a Maine school is shocking. The social worker, who is employed by the school district, gave the girl a chest binder without her parent’s consent, which is a violation of the law and of the girl’s rights.

The story began when the mother of the thirteen-year-old girl noticed that her daughter was being given a chest binder by a school social worker. After some investigation, the mother discovered that the social worker had been speaking with her daughter about gender transition and had given her the chest binder without her parents’ consent.

The mother said she knew that her daughter had been seeing a social worker at school, but the child had been reassigned to a new social worker in October without notifying her. 

The mother was understandably upset and contacted school officials, asking for an explanation of what had happened. She was told that the social worker had been helping the girl explore her gender identity. However, the mother was not informed of any of the decisions made by the social worker, nor was she asked for her consent. This is a direct violation of Maine’s parental consent laws, which state that parents must give consent before any medical or psychological treatments are given to a minor.

The mom alleged that the school refused to provide notes from the social worker, Samuel Roy, and the previous social worker’s meetings, claiming that an employee at the school had tried to convince her 13-year-old daughter to keep a secret from her parents.

This is a practice that social media users described as ‘the very definition of child predatory sexual grooming.’ Despite the serious nature of the incident, some noted that ‘none of the employees involved in this attempt to push a 13-year-old girl towards a childhood sex change will face any discipline.

Lavigne has removed her daughter from the school and is considering taking legal action against AOS, the school her daughter was attending, due to the violation of laws, policies, and parental trust. Furthermore, she is demanding that all employees who knew of this secret be dismissed from their positions and that her child’s records be released to her family.

She expressed the trauma and distress this has caused her family, and urged that no other parent should have to go through something similar.

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