Swat Team Raids Trump Supporter’s Home 3 Times Within a Week

Livestreamer and Trump enthusiast ‘Baked Alaska’ became nationally renowned over the past year after video clips surfaced of him inside the capitol building on January 6th.

Over the past several months, his name has been back in the news, this time, because he was lauded by outlets like Revolver News after clips from his January 6th live stream led to an investigation by the outlet which was later featured on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Some of the footage he shot reportedly exposed the ‘Fed-Protected Provocateur,’ Ray Epps, who allegedly led the very first invasion of the US capitol building.

One of his videos was recently played by podcaster Joe Rogan as well as US Representatives Thomas Massie and Paul Gosar.

The infamous Tim Gionet, or better known as ‘Baked Alaska,’ just can’t stay out of the news.

The controversial internet figure is grabbing headlines yet again after a fully armed swat team showed up at his house three times in one week. The raid comes after an anonymous group of ‘online trolls’ allegedly contacted the police while impersonating Mr. Alaska in an attempt that could have had him possibly killed.

The below footage of the swat team entering the residence of Baked Alaska was captured on his personal website. By clicking here ( yoba.house ) you can watch where the incident unfolded, and where it may happen again.

Baked Alaska, who has embedded cameras on his person and within his house, has turned himself into an alt-universe ‘Truman Show’ as the cameras are constantly streaming his entire life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The incident follows the same characteristics of what has been known to be called “Swatting” where anonymous trolls on the internet will impersonate an individual while on the phone with the police, usually claiming they have harmed someone or are about to, so that swat teams arrive to neutralize the situation.

Swatting has resulted in innocent individuals being harmed or wrongfully killed by police officers in the past. Just this year, a man was ‘swatted’ over his Twitter handle. The man died of a heart attack.

In another incident, two ‘online gamers’ received a sentence of 20 years after an incident of ‘swatting’ led police officers to fatally shoot an innocent man.

While no one was hurt during three incidents of ‘swatting’ at the residence of Baked Alaska, it is only a matter of time before these incidents result in tragedy.

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